TCAT- Morristown May 2018

  1. Hi,

    I am waiting to hear back about acceptance into the may 2018 LPN class. I'm hoping to find someone on here who's trying to get in like me!

    Let me know!
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  3. by   haagam20
    have you heard anything?? im still waiting to hear back
  4. by   Hope2bLPN2019
    I hav3 not recieved the letter yet, however I have spoken to Marilyn the LPN program office assistant and I have been accepted! They are behind on getting letters out but she said we should recueve them this week! Are you in morristown?
  5. by   haagam20
    yeah thanks for letting me know about the letters
  6. by   haagam20
    just talked to marilyn said she had to call me back but she had to talk to me!! i hate waiting lol
  7. by   Hope2bLPN2019
    your welcome!! Awesome!! You'll have to let me know what she said!!
  8. by   haagam20
    I got in lol
  9. by   Hope2bLPN2019
    Thats awesome!!! Glad to hear! Ill be seeing you then!
  10. by   Hope2bLPN2019
    Finally got my letter!!! Its real now! Lol