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  1. by   Nicole89
    Hey, are you still here? I have a few questions regarding the admission process at TCAT Covington
  2. by   KayJones
    I am about to graduate from the Covington Evening/Weekend program. When we applied we didn't have to take HESI, therefore I can't comment on that part but other than that submit your application and attend orientation. Let me know if you have any other questions. If I don't know I will be more than happy to ask my instructor!
  3. by   Nicole89
    I am attending orientation on Tuesday. I was wondering the chances of getting in if you were invited to orientation or what could I do to increase my chances at this point.

    Thanks for responding
  4. by   Nicole89
    Is there anything I should do before orientation?
  5. by   KayJones
    Great! Congrats. If you were invited then you will either receive an acceptance letter or wait-list letter. I got my acceptance letter in the mail a week or two after orientation.
  6. by   COOKIESthenSTUDY
    Hello have u started the program?? I start in jan 2018. If so Can you share the names and editions of the books yall are using?? I have to pay out of pocket for supplies, unifirms etc.