Southwest TN Comm College Pre Nursing Spring 18

  1. Hello all! I am scheduled for my NLN Pre Entrance Exam tomorrow at Southwest Tennessee Community in Memphis TN. I was curious to know if anyone has taken it at this college and do they allow us to bring our own calculator? Or can we use one at all? I have a TI 89 calculator and I also have a basic calculator. Hoping I can bring the TI 89! Might be wishful thinking though!

    Also, they say you have to make a composite score of a 100 which is in the 50th percentile range and I have no idea what that means. Is a composite different than actually making a 100% like you would on a regular test in school?

    For those who have taken the NLN exam? Did you experience the exact questions from the NLN study guide book with the practice exams/comprehensive tests that are located at the back of the book? Any insight would be helpful! Thanks!!!
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  3. by   MemTn
    Hey I actually took the test yesterday at southwest. The test didn't seem that difficult there were 3 parts, reading/vocabulary is counted as 1 part, then math and science. The math was pretty basic, the reading comprehension wasn't bad but I did run out of time because I read every passage 2x and had to guess throughout the 2nd half which were 30 word meaning questions. So word of advice read the questions first so that u know what to look for while reading this will benefit you. Now science seemed mostly to be physics there were many questions about sound waves, speed, wavelength, etc. Oh, and u cannot bring your own calculator they provide you with a basic one. Good Luck