Southern Adventist University Questions-PLEASE

  1. Hello
    Can anyone tell me anything they know about SAU Southern Adventist University? How is the rn admissions, what is entrance test? how ids the program, what kind to reputation does the program have, what is thier pass rate and retention rate, does anyone know about the commute from GA, how safe is the area??

    I would love answers to any of these questions or anything helpful.
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  3. by   Ijames
    Hi Proudmommy,

    I have several friends who have graduated from Southern's nursing program. I've only heard good things from them about it. I'm not sure about the admissions or entrance test, but I just looked on their website and there is some information:

    I do know the school has a reputation just from hearing that it has such a high pass rate on the NCLEX. My friends were all anxious about taking it after finishing their degree because the School of Nursing had like a 98% pass rate and so you stand out if you don't pass (They all passed easily).

    I live in Collegedale, but I know people who commute from Georgia (some even from Alabama). Its about 10 minutes from Highway 75, but there is a shortcut from the Ringgold exit if you're that far south.

    Collegedale is very safe little college town. No worries on that front. And the campus has safety officers that routinely patrol (but mostly just help with flat tires/unlocking doors)

    Anyway, when I was on their site, I saw this was who you contact for info about their undergrad program:

    Linda Marlowe, B.A.
    Undergraduate Admissions Coordinator
    School of Nursing
    Southern Adventist University

    Best wishes!
  4. by   proudmommy
    Wow thank you for all of that info! That was sweet of you. It does seem like it very close to the border of the GA/TN state line.