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Just wondering if there was anyone else out there has applied at Roane State (Nursing Program)? I'm currently in waiting...hoping to get the letter saying I start in the Fall! The closer it gets... Read More

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    During lab you can wear any colored/character scrubs, whatever you like. Or you can dress professional (no jeans, etc.) with your lab coat and picture id. During regular clinical you will wear white scrubs, top & bottom, white socks, and white shoes. You are required to get these on your own. Then during your 2nd semester you will wear burgundy scrubs in your ob rotation. You will also be required to buy a lab coat, it must cover your butt. They will go over all of this in orientation, but this may give you a heads up. On your white scrubs and lab coat you will have to buy a RSCC nursing patch from the bookstore ($5 a piece) and sew it to the left shoulder. As far as sizes go, I would suggest you to go to a scrub store and just try them on. There are so many different styles even for just plain white. I am now really picky on my style of pants and tops lol also look for deals and some places offer student discounts, I think Lambert's is one that does.
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    awesome thanks for the help! what about shoes? do they not want certain ones?
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    Just an off the wall question about the information meeting. The letter said that a support person is invited to attend the meeting with you. Did you notice last year if alot of students brought someone with them? Just trying to decide if I am going to bring anyone with me.
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    Ya know I didnt pay attention. I only have my husband as support and he had our boys, so I went with my best friend (who happened to get in with me) and she brought her dad so I hung out with them, if you dont have a friend thats been accepted I would def take someone. It can be overwhelming, exciting but overwhelming.