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I just wanted to start a new tread for those of us that have applied to Roane State and are awaiting letters in May. Everyone please feel free to share your thoughts and questions. Good Luck ALL :D... Read More

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    Kate2353, I did the same thing... LOL! I was so excited until I read the rest.

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    I was really hoping we would find out today! Kate2353, if you don't mind sharing, was your old advisor a member of the nursing faculty? My advisor has remained the same for the past two years, but she is a nursing instructor.
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    When I applied to RSCC, I was a 'nursing candidate.' I was given a nursing adviser. When it came time in December/January to apply to the program, I applied to nursing, rad tech, and opticianary (sp.). Apparently when I did that, it reapplied me to the school as an opticianary major. I assumed they should have assigned me a different adviser because the one I had was for nursing, but they didn't. The other day, I saw that my raidernet said I was an 'opticianary candidate.' I emailed admissions and asked them to fix it. They did. Raidernet then said 'nursing candidate,' along with the same adviser I have had the entire time. It's never changed. Then I looked at it the other day, and my adviser changed. But, she is also a nursing adviser. It doesn't really make sense to me that they would change it now, especially when I already had a nursing adviser....
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    Thanks, Kate. I have always been a "nursing candidate" with a nursing advisor. Maybe we will get the official word tomorrow.
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    Quote from TNVolsGirl
    Kate2353, I did the same thing... LOL! I was so excited until I read the rest.
    Grrr not only did that email get my hopes up but the email I just got congratulating this year's roane state graduates lol. This is killing me
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    Hopefully Friday will be the big day!!! :-)
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    The waiting is making me insane! I was sure we would know by this evening!! I wonder how many more days we must wait?
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    Maybe until Monday?? I know the website says the first week in May, and the 30th is in that week. I don't see how they couldn't have the emails ready to go. I mean, it's been since January. And if the emails are ready, I don't know why they would want to make us wait until next week.
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    Agree! I hate waiting and I for sure thought we would know last week. Hopefully Monday will be the big day!
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    Just letting everyone know, I emailed the nursing admissions coordinator on Friday (4/27) to get an estimate for when acceptance/rejection emails will be sent. She replied on Monday, 4/30. Here is her response:

    "The nursing committee is in the final stages of the selection process. Accepted and denial notification emails will be sent next week."

    Unless they finish early, we will be getting the emails sometime between 5/7-5/11. We could be waiting up to twelve more days!! I'm so on edge, twelve days will feel like an eternity! Peaceful waiting wishes to you all!

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