Nursing Program at Southwest TN College-Fall 2011

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    I am new to this site and wanted to hear ppl thoughts on considering going back to school for an Associates in Nursing? I've been thinking about it for a while and I started off as a nursing major as an undergrad in college but doubted myself and chose another career field. Im not sure on how to go about the program, I've already applied to the college online but just found out about the program so really unsure if I can still apply and gather all the materials needed to apply to the program and take the pre-admission exam prior to Feb 1? Do you think I still have time to study for the exam and take it? I was reading other thread's and it seems as though many people have taken the exam a few months back prior to being accepted. Also, would my pre-reqs have to be completed by a certain time-frame. Im not enrolled in any classes but was planning to take the pre-reqs in the summer.

    Please Help!!
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  3. by   fleur-di-lis-RN2b
    As far as the NLN exam, you would need to call the SW testing center on Union to find out if there are any further test days available. I know they started testing sometime in December. If you can still get a spot to take the test, get the NLN study guide to prepare. I've seen it available at the SW bookstores and it's always available on Amazon. As far as your pre-reqs, you will have to have AP1, AP2 and Microbiology completed prior to the application deadline in February. If you haven't taken those classes yet, you wouldn't be able to apply for Fall. You could take what you needed over the summer though, and apply for next spring. Hope this helps. Good luck!
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    Thank you much, I decided to apply for Spring...
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    Would you be able tell me whats the name of the studyguide and what edition is it?
  6. by   fleur-di-lis-RN2b
    Quote from healthnut84
    Would you be able tell me whats the name of the studyguide and what edition is it?
    Its called the Review Guide for the RN Pre-Entrance Exam. Here is a link for it:

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