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  1. Hi, I plan to apply to Motlow State Community College Nursing Program. Right now my GPA is 3.2-3.3. I haven't taken my HESI (I will do that next January). I know the minimum GPA is 2.3 and HESI score of 75%. I'm looking for any one who either has been in the program or knows anything about it. What are my chances of getting accepted? What was your GPA and HESI score when you were accepted? Do you have any professors for A&PII you would recommend (because I plan to take it there in the fall)? Do you have any advice on the HESI entrance exam? What part did you find the most difficult, or is it pretty general? I have ordered the HESI study guide already, is there any other books out there that you used for more practice problems in HESI format?

    Thank you for your time and experiences,
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  3. by   smyrnasahm
    I'm not sure about specific numbers concerning gpa. I know it is based on your gpa for the fall preceeding acceptance and your hesi score. Application deadline is Jan 31 for fall of that year. I've heard they have around 530+- applicants for 80 total spots- it's tough to get in. Some of the HESI study guide answers are wrong in the back of the book, so be careful....
    I have applied for upcoming fall- we'll see what happens
  4. by   busby's mom

    I have recently been accepted in the 2009 fall nursing program for Motlow and have a 4.0 gpa and scored a 93% on the HESI. However, I know of a girl who received an 85% on the HESI and had a 3.5 gpa (I think). The school now emphasizes the HESI over your gpa. Perfect score is 500 points for that and perfect gpa is 300 points. The person who said some of the answers are wrong in the study guide is correct, but I believe its just in the math section. I would make sure to have A&P under my belt before taking the test even though its the shortest section. The math is the easiest and the reading comp is the most difficult I thought and many I have talked to agreed. Having said all that, I was SO nervous before the test and it's not as hard as I had hyped it up to be in my mind. My advice is to just read, read, read and if you can take dosage before the test, that helps as well, but isn't necessary. The math is very basic so don't buy the study guides that contain anything beyond what is in the study guide you have. You will just waste your time because none of that is on there. The professors that I would have recommended taking are no longer at the smyrna campus and I have known people who do not care for the current profs for AP and those same people had success taking the courses online. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.

  5. by   busby's mom

    One more thing...I meant to say good luck! You can do it! The HESI really isn't as scary as it sounds. Just really read the sections in the study guide and pay close attention in your AP classes.

  6. by   smyrnasahm
    I also got accepted for Fall 2009 I had 4.0 and scored a 94% on the HESI. I also know someone who had 4.0 and got a 78% on the HESI.
    Christina- looks like we'll meet each other in the fall- my name ia Amanda, but lots of people call me Mandy.

    I agree about the HESI though- it wasn't anywhere near as tough as I had thought it would be. Reading comprehension was my lowest score, but I'm usually pretty good at that???

    Good Luck- try your best, and you'll do fine
  7. by   busby's mom
    Congrats Mandy! Nice to meet that is! Where do you live? Were you as overwhelmed at orientation as I was? I stressed for 2 days after....couldn't sleep. My mantra has become "people have done it before me so I can do it too." I'm excited and nervous at the same time.

    My lowest score was reading comp too and I'm usually good at that. They had hard topics that were not as easy to decifer tone of author, etc. than those in the study guide.

  8. by   ajtown21
    I applied for MSCC nursing program this year as well. I was so nervous going into the test! I actually signed out, without finishing the AP section, then realized it with little time left so that was my worst section of the test. The grammer can be really tricky. Use your study guide as well and other resources to expand the differences btw words and when they should be used. Sounds easy but when it comes to the test it is confusing. I do not do well on long tests, anxiety and ADHD. The remediation was a helpful tool that I will use if I do not get in this semester.
    question for those of you with a 4.0---
    what all classes have you taken? I have a lot of hours, started going for a BS degree, and then moved to TN and now going for AS.... what is your combined score used for entrance? anyone know of the lowest score that was accepted? I know it changes every semester...
    I still have a few weeks till I will find out! stressing, ::breathe::

    Alicia Townsend