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  1. Steer away from Nashville state community college's nursing program. I had much misfortune and withdrew due to their overall poor leadership, poor support from faculty, untrained clinical instructors and lack of integrity throughout the program (I was in the very first nursing class). I withdrew in my last semester of nursing school! It was during my critical care rotation that an untrained clinical instructor mistakenly failed me instead of giving me a clinical warning after she felt I disrespected her in front of a surgeon when I offered to allow other shorter student nurses to get in front of me so they could observe a surgical procedure being performed. She felt I should have moved forward to watch instead of stepping to the back of the crowd even though I am 5'9" tall. (It was my first ever warning in the whole program and it takes 3 before a student can be failed). It was determined that she was wrong to have failed me but by the time I won my appeal 8 weeks later to be reinstated into the nursing program, the semester was almost over and the director of nursing continually interfered in helping me graduate with my class on time. I withdrew because I was devastated and traumatized and uncertain of my desire to be a nurse any longer. I coulc get no legal help from the state because Tennessee law does not allow students to sue the state colleges for a refund. Nashville state CC basically took my federal loan money, screwed with my education and turned their back on me. I gave up on filing suit after learning Tennessee education law. Regardless today I am almost finished with nursing school at a 4 year accredited university which has been amazingly supportive of my situation. I hope my story helps you and any others from choosing unaccredited schools at least until the state of Tennessee realizes what is happening and makes some positive efforts to fix the problem with new nursing programs. Please do your homework. Otherwise, you take a huge financial and emotional risk of making it through without upsetting some untrained instructors along the way as I did.
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