Nashville State CC Nursing Program Fall 2012

  1. [font=times]just wanted to start a thread for those who just applied for the fall. last year's seemed successful.

    i turned in my app back in february. i've heard that interview letters will go out this month. anybody else have any info? i work with one of the instructors for the program. this is her first time helping with the app process, so she was unsure of details.

    thanks! best of luck to everyone!
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  3. by   ashleyr0503
    Quote from jjordan8130
    [font=times]just wanted to start a thread for those who just applied for the fall. last year's seemed successful.

    i turned in my app back in february. i've heard that interview letters will go out this month. anybody else have any info? i work with one of the instructors for the program. this is her first time helping with the app process, so she was unsure of details.

    thanks! best of luck to everyone!

    i too turned in my app for this year, and my advisor said that it is "likely" interviews will start the first week of april but didn't know when interview calls/letters would go out. not sure if that's true since i don't think they've sent out anything as of yet. i just hope the process is quicker than last years because i'm going on a cruise may 12, so i'm worried if they don't get the ball rolling soon, there's a chance it might go well into may. i've been so stressed out about waiting and wondering if i'll be accepted or not. i applied to 2 other schools, too. i heard columbia state sent out their acceptance letters today. i don't know if i can wait another 2 months to know if i'm accepted or not, espesically since other schools are sending out acceptance letters before them, and i'm not sure if i get accepted elsewhere if i should accept or miss their deadline waiting on nscc to make their decisions. they should be quicker about the process for this reason, i think. but maybe this year will be smoother since they've had another year to practice their process. i hope so anyways! i really thought we'd hear something this week, but i'm not sure now. just have to keep on waiting...
  4. by   jjordan8130
    YAY!!! I'm soooo glad you replied!!!!!! I applied for other TSU's main campus program. I haven't received anything in the mail for either school. Last year NS had their first round of interviews (from what I can tell on last year's discussion board) on March 25th. I know some other people who have applied as well who haven't received anything yet, so I'm hoping letter haven't been mailed. I work with one of the instructors at NS, but she's PRN so I don't see her often. If I do happen to see her I'll ask and post! Where else did you apply? Where are you taking pre-reqs at?
  5. by   ashleyr0503
    I applied to Columbia and Motlow and of course NSCC. I got a letter from Columbia today, and wasn't accepted because of GPA. However, they added my GPA from 9 years ago when I was young and stupid. I currently have a 4.0 at NSCC, and I just think that's completely unfair to not accept someone because of something almost a decade ago! That's obviously not who I am today. I guess they'd rather have 18 year olds straight out of highschool with hardly a clue and a high drop/fail rate since they don't look at people individually. Hoping that NSCC will be different. At the information session, they said they will be able to look and see that you were obviously young, but now you're at a 4.0 and a different person. So, I still have hopes for NSCC. They are my first choice. Just upsetting to get a letter like that from Columbia first. I had some of my classes already done in 2004 with B's (Eng 1010 and Speech), and I've taken the rest at NSCC last semester (all A's) and currently in A&P II and Micro this semester to finish my last 2 classes. I'll have all pre-reqs done this semester. So, I'm really hoping for a phone call/letter. I've been asking around and no one seems to know anything about anything. I wish they'd update their website so we had some kind of idea. It's torture making students just sit and wait.. and wait... and wait without even an idea! Several students in my class have applied and so we all ask around if anyone's heard anything.. I go tomorrow so I'll have another update then. I really thought they'd be starting the process by now. I know I'm ready to know if I've got an interview or not!
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    I understand. I'm in a similar situation. When I first started college (18 yrs old) I did very well my first semester, and totally blew it after that. 10 years later I'm in a totally different place. It would be nice if schools looked at the bigger picture. I have maintained a 4.0 four semesters now, and I am certainly not the same person anymore. There is only 1 class from that time period I haven't retaken and that's economics. The F still stands because I just don't see the point in retaking it. My Volstate GPA is just fine. I'm sorry about your letter. We call them "nasty grams" at work. You know...I really think we should gets points for experience in the field. Soooo many people start nursing school (and take up a much desired seat for another person who is serious about finishing the program) and decide it's not for them. I've known a few girls that said that "kind" of work wasn't for them. Why not make tech experience a requirement? If you can't make it (or hate it) as a certainly won't make it as a nurse. Ok...enough of my rant. I was going to apply to motlow, but decided I didn't want to drive that far. Some of their clinical are in Tullahoma from time to time. I live in Gallatin and work at Vandy, so I needed something closer to work in case I work the night before class. Well..just let me know if you hear anything. Hopefully, letters will go out soon. There are a TON of applicants to interview and limited time.
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    Didn't hear anything yesterday... No one's heard from anyone that I know of still. Thinking interviews are now going to be at least the 2nd week of April to give everyone about a weeks notice if they go out next week? Just an assumption! Maybe next week they'll send them out!! Surely it can't be any longer than that?!
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    I hope not it's not much longer! I work with a girl that applied, and she's dying to know something too. It would be nice if they would keep their website updated. It would avoid tons of phone calls, questions, and visits to their office. Surely we'll get letters next week!
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    Girl, I've been on the verge of an anxiety attack for about 2 months now!!! I've never in my life been so stressed out over something! You would think they'd update their website so people had SOME idea, even if it was wrong! For some, like me, this is EVERYTHING I've ever wanted and finally being able to do it. This is what I want to do the rest of my entire life, so this means everything to me. But yes, at least put an estimate there of when something will happen. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for letters/phone calls this week, even if I don't get one, so I can just stop being so stressed out over waiting! It's killing me.
  10. by   jjordan8130
    I totally understand what you mean. I have 4 children and a husband that are depending on me for this. Of course I have a passion for it (or I wouldn't waste my time), but they are the reason I study so hard....every grade.....every exam....every single thing I do it's with their faces before me that I fight to go on. I can't let them down. Failure is not an option. I must get in. I must finish. Everybody at work jokes with me "C's get degrees" "C is for continue" "you're an over achiever" (from my L&D CN just this week) "all that matters is you pass your NCLEX". doesn't. In order to keep my job and get into the nurse residency program I have to meet the same GPA requirements as everyone else. The dependent tuition reimbursement was recently changed and because of my hire date I'll be grandfathered in. I have to get into school and I have to keep my spot at work, so my children will receive the education benefits. We have new grads coming out of my dept every semester applying for our residency track that have to compete with outside applicants. I am constantly weighed down with pressure, not just for the here and now, but for the future. This means so much for me.
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    Anything yet?? Was hoping I'd have something in the mail today, and nothing! Don't know if it'll be by mail, phone, or both?? But I've kept my phone glued to my hip, and checked the mail as soon as I could the last couple days. Hope we find out BEFORE Easter at least because mail won't run Friday I don't think! LOL Come on NSCC, PLEASE let us know soon!!
  12. by   jjordan8130
    N-O-T-H-I-NG!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mail hasn't ran for the day! I'm obsessed. I check every single day! lol Good gravy! I'd really like to know something!!!!!!!
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    Nothing again today... my biggest fear is everyone else hearing from them, and not me! UGH... I'll cry for a week if that happens. Anyways, nothing again today. And school is out Friday and Monday (Not sure on Monday.. Friday for sure I think).... So, I'm sure it won't be then either. So, earliest maybe next Tuesday??? I don't know if I can wait ANOTHER week.. it took all I had to make it through THIS week! LOL
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    lol I checked my super excited to see something from NS and realized it was from finanical aid!!!! what a let down!!!! Nothing yet....maybe next week!!!!!