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just wanted to start a thread for those who just applied for the fall. last year's seemed successful. i turned in my app back in february. i've heard that interview letters will go out this month. anybody else have any info?... Read More

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    OMG it was soooo much better then what I was anticipating! I think I worried to much actually..I hate having to wait, I wish we would have gotten an answer right away lol
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    I had 7 girls in my group and 2 interviewers (Instructors from school)... We were all asked to give a bio about ourselves. Then we all each got a critical thinking question. Mine was "You are on your way to the nursing interview, when you get a flat tire. Once you get out of the car, your dad calls you and tells you that your mom has had a heart attack and is in the ER. Once you hang up the phone, you drop it and it breaks! What do you do?" After I answered that I was then asked, "So, how would you deal with the emotions you'd be feeling?" Yeah, crazy question.... Makes for a bad day right there!! LOL But, I feel I answered it very well. And then the last thing was what is our biggest strength, what makes us stand apart from everyone else. The other critical thinking questions were: "What is motivation, and name an experience where you had to use it", "The director always says 'Nursing is a Science and an Art', tell me what you think that means", "You are on your way to work, first day on the job, when you close the door behind you and you realize you've left your keys and cell phone inside. What do you do? (after that question was answered, they were then asked) What would you explain to your boss when you called him/her.", "You're at a busy mall and backing out of a parking stall when you hit a car behind you. You have now blocked all mall traffic and everyone's getting frustrated. Not only that, the woman you hit is frantic and screaming at you and is very upset and angry. How you do you deal with that situation?", "You are in class and you sit next to the validictorian of your school who all the students and teachers love and get along with. During a test, you catch her cheating and when the grades are posted, she's made the highest grade in the class. What would you do?", and last, "You are studying for a really difficult test and if you need to make an A on the test in order to keep an A in the class overall. Everyone else in your class is struggling with this chapter also, and they tell you that the instructor is really mean and doesn't like students and doesn't like helping students at all! How do you handle that situation?"

    That was it! Took about an hour total with everything. I was really nervous, but I calmed down a lot once I got to the interview and just kept breathing and not psyching myself out! So, I think I did very well. I feel I answered all questions well, and was able to express myself in a positive manner. We wrote an essay on why we wanted to be a nurse that took about 5-7 minutes, then split up into groups. Wasn't as bad as I expected, but it was different than I expected. I guess I expected more questions than 3? I feel confident, so it is what it is. Hoping for an acceptance letter!
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    Wow!!!! I'm sure you did great!!!! Hope you get a letter!!!!!!
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    Has anyone heard anything yet/recieved any mail?? Aghhh!! Did she say we wont know anything at all UNTILL may 1st?
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    I don't know, but I'm still waiting on TSU! They don't send letters until the third week of May!!!!
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    OMG that sucks! thats still a long time away! I keep tryin not to think about it but I always end up checkin my mail and phone obsessively, even my email lately lol in case for some insane reason they decide to email instead of mailing.
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    She said she likes to have the process done by May 1, but said to expect 2-3 weeks. So either this week or next. IF they couldn't find 60 (10 for waiting list), then they'll be doing a 2nd round of interviews probably this week and we'll have to wait until they pick all 60. That's my understanding. Checked my mail today, and nothing. So, I'm wondering if they didn't get 60 and are doing another round which is why we haven't heard anything yet. I go into class tomorrow for my finals and will see if I can find out anything! Hope it's soon... I'm DYING to know!!!

    3rd week of May! Good grief!! That's a LONG time to wait, but I guess we are waiting that long too technically! I'm just ready to know so I can move on past the waiting/stressing part! LOL
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    Did you find out anything?? Please post something as SOOON as you hear ANYTHING! I will too, I just dont wanna feel like Im the only one waiting like a crazy person lol
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    The only thing I found out was it should be any day now! Hoping they sent out today since its May 1.... Gonna check mail religiously all this week!! My birthday is Thursday, itd be the BEST present to know!!!! LOL I'm a crazy person waiting, too! No worries there, you're not alone! Ha!
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    Nothing today... Anyone???

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