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just wanted to start a thread for those who just applied for the fall. last year's seemed successful. i turned in my app back in february. i've heard that interview letters will go out this... Read More

  1. by   ashleyr0503
    LOL!! I did that yesterday!!!!! How funny!!! I like ripped it open right then and there at the mailbox.... and it was FA! Major bummer!! Every day that passes the more nervous and anxious I get!
  2. by   ashleyr0503
    I got a letter today!! I got an interview on the 18th!!!! SOOO EXCITED!!!!!
  3. by   jjordan8130
    Did you mail run today?!!! mine doesn't usually run until LATE afternoon!
  4. by   ashleyr0503
    Yes, our mail runs around 1030!! I didn't think mail ran today either!! Glad I checked!! Let me know if you hear anything!!! Good luck!!
  5. by   jjordan8130
    So, here's the deal. When I got the FA letter it was at my Mother in law's address. Weird. VERY werid. I checked my NS account and it had her address and my current address listed. I deleted hers. I talked to my mail man yesterday (I checked my mail and didn't receive the letter, but did receive my neighbor's mail) and insisted that I was waiting on a very important letter. My neighbor's received my mail a few days ago. It's just crazy. I'm sure the mailman thought I was a nut. He assured me he would be here around 1-130 this afternoon and he would be on the look out for anything related to school. On my nursing app I used my address, so I'm not sure where NS got the other address from. All that to say, my husband is going to check the mail for me today. I worked all night (12 hours) and I work again tonight. I'm exhausted! Going to bed!

    (sorry if this made no sense....I can't think straight after being up for 24 hours)
  6. by   ashleyr0503
    It should be sent to whatever address you put on your application, because from what I've been told they don't go into NSCC accounts to look at anything. So, maybe it's just a day behind schedule, or maybe the mailed them over a couple of days because I've been told there's 150 of us! For FA, they would use your NSCC account address, so that's prob why your MIL got the other letter because it was listed on your account for some reason. You can always call the Nursing dept. and ask though, I have their number if you want it! Explain the mail situation so you were calling to ask just in case it did get lost! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!!
  7. by   jjordan8130
    my husband just woke me up to tell me there was nothing in the mail today. Who knows, it could be running late or I could just be in the next round of interviews. Either way, I'm going to try not to stress. I applied to more than one program for a reason. We will see what Monday brings...hopefully a letter! : )

    Do you have a number that actually takes you to a live person? lol I did call last week, and there was no such option. It took me straight to voicemail. I also applied to TSU and their office almost always picks up the phone and their program director gave me her personal cell number in case I had any questions the office couldn't answer.
  8. by   ashleyr0503
    The number they left on the letter is 615-353-3647. I've called back and picked different number selections to see if anyone answers at any of them. If not, they aren't in the office. But I have had luck doing that before! From what I heard yesterday, they are doing 1 round of interviews of the 150 in one day with multiple panels and selecting from that 150. Last year they only did 50 people intially and choose 30 so did another round of interviews. I think they realized that wasn't a good process, so bumped it up this year to cut down on multiple interviews and time. I'm surprised TSU hasn't sent out letters yet, but neither has Motlow I dont think. Or maybe I just didn't get a letter?? Who knows.. just glad NSCC selected me because they are my #1 choice. I honestly like NSCC's process better than anyone elses. I don't agree with ONLY going off of grades. I've known several straight A students who didn't have a lick of common sense even if it smacked them in the head! So, just going of grades for such an important field to me is just crazy! I think all schools should interview people for that very reason! And maybe they aren't serious with straight A's or unsure. Those are the people that fail out of Nursing school. That have NO clue what Nursing school even involves. Some think you just show up and BAM! you're an RN. Uh, sorry.... not even close! So, that's why I really love NSCC and their process. It's fair and smart and they have a better chance of choosing those that are SERIOUS. So, anyways, sorry was on my soapbox. LOL Let me know if you hear anything!!!
  9. by   jjordan8130
    I will see what happens tomorrow with the mail. So....they aren't doing 2 sets of interviews this year? They're doing 1, with 150 people, and from that choosing their 50? I have to agree, I do like their process a lot better. That's why I applied to the program. My numbers are really high for the numbers based programs, but I really liked the idea of interviewing. More programs should do it. It's an easy way to determine who is serious and who isn't. I'll let you know something on Monday. I might even try to call the office too. =D
  10. by   ashleyr0503
    From what I've been told that's what they are doing this year, which I like. Last year it ran well into May before some knew if they were accepted or not which is crazy! So this way, everyone should know, I'd think about a week after interviews if not sooner. Which is really nice because again, I hate waiting! And you don't have to wait on more interview dates and whatever. Everyone is seen, and then chosen, the end. I like that! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow!!! I'd call and check the mail... because I'd want to know esp since you know for sure letters are being sent!
  11. by   ashleyr0503
    Any word yet??
  12. by   lore52085
    Does anyone know if we get a letter regardless of being given an interview date or not?? I just logged on to MyNSCC and updated my address aghh I feel so dumb for not checking to make sure my current address was on there!
  13. by   ashleyr0503
    Quote from lore52085
    Does anyone know if we get a letter regardless of being given an interview date or not?? I just logged on to MyNSCC and updated my address aghh I feel so dumb for not checking to make sure my current address was on there!
    I think they DO send out letters eventually to those that did not get accepted and will give the reason why, but they may wait until after interviews to make sure they do indeed pick 50. If for ANY reason they don't, then they'll interview more people, so they are probably waiting until then to know for SURE would be my assumption. They should have sent the interview letter to the address you put on the Nursing application, not on NSCC. From what I understand, everyone that has an interview Wednesday has already been sent letters last week. Hope this helps!! If you want to make sure, I'd call the Nursing dept. just to double check.