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  1. 0 I finished my Hesi exam today with a big failure. I made 75 and I'm so disappointed in myself; I thought I could do better than that. My GPA is 3.79. I know 75 is probably not good enough to enter the MTSU nursing program. I don't know what to do. Any suggestions? I wonder if anyone ever got in with a 75 on Hesi exam?
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    Don't beat yourself up! My GPA is alot lower than yours, I switched from being a Pre-PA Biology major to nursing last semester and didn't take my first year of college seriously enough. This is my first semester at MTSU and I turned in my application about 2 weeks ago. I only took the HESI once (because it wasn't required for my previous school) and got an 88. BUT my GPA is only a 3.0. So I have a reason along the same lines as yours to be freaked out. I'm hoping that the interview will really bring my composite score up..but it's really hard to be optimistic when I keep hearing that I'll never have a chance of getting in. Here's to keeping our fingers crossed for the both of us!
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    Have either of you had your interview yet? I am re-applying this semester. Last semester I had a 3.0 and an 87 on the Hesi but almost 200 people applied for the spring and I didn't make it. I have a 3.3 this semester and 0.5 point for work experience. I have to do an interview again but I haven't been called in for one yet.
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    I got in with a 3.6 but I had a 91 on my Hesi. Did you buy the practice book? I did, it helped somewhat. I would just take it again! As far as I know you can take it as many times as you want! Good luck!

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