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  1. I am an RN with 20 yrs of experience, 15 years of ICU experience, (mixed ICU) and 5 years of tele. I am planning and hoping to move to the Memphis area asap. I have family there that needs support. I have some questions, I would like to hear from experienced nurses, but anyone's input is great. My plans are to move asap, but I have to sell my house first, you know the real estate market is not the best, so who knows how long that can take. I have been thinking about working weekend staffing, or Baylor if any of the institutions there have that. What is the salary range? Currently, I am maxed out. I know I don't expect to make the same kind of money, but TN also does not have a state income tax so that will help. There are several physicians who completed their fellowship in Cardiology @ the Germantown hospital and they seemed to like it, saying staff was treated fairly. (Yeah I know, they are on the other side of the fence) I need some honest input from other nurses about wages, work environment and work load, floating etc. Looking forward to hearing from my people in the trenches.
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    well I'm not a nurse yet but I have Hospital knowledge coming out of my ears! My grandfather is the former Chief of Staff at Methodist North. With all the hospitals in the city of Memphis wages stay very competitive and the shortages of nurses also keeps them on their toes. The hospitals in Memphis are The Med (very large Trauma Unit), Baptist (they have 4 hospitals in their group along with several minor meds) Methodist (they have 3 "adult" hospitals, 1Peds, and minor meds, and a very large Drs. practice), St. Jude, and the VA. As you can see we have plenty of hospitals and a serious lack of nursing staff! I have friends at each one of these and they all make above $50,000 a yr (the newbies are making about $40,000 a yr) The overtime is widely available to makeup for the pay difference. I know some of the hospitals will pay moving expense, and offer a signing bonus. I have never heard of Baylor so I don't believe we have that as an option. With ur ICU background we have flight nurses that work on the local medical wing.