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LPN Crossville, Tn

  1. 0 I been looking into LPN jobs in Crossville, Tn.. Currently I work for a Private duty company, the pay is great for the area, but my brain is going to mush.. Basically using no skills, an overpriced babysitter. I love my pt but I am bored to death..

    I have no exp in acute care or med/surg. I worked as a CNA for private duty before LPN school, and went right back into private duty after grad

    I have applied 3 times at the local hospital.. no experience, no job....

    There are 2 Nursing Homes in the area, and neither one has a good reputation for the workers...

    So.... what to do....Keep my overpaid babysitting job i reckon...........
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    Check out the new prison in Pikeville, TN. It's not a bad drive from Crossville down Lantana Rd, and they are always hiring LPNs. The one in Wartburg was hiring recently, as well.