Looking for CNA training programs in Memphis

  1. Well. I'm having second thoughts about going to Concorde College because it's expensive ($4.000+) and now I'm trying to find some CNA programs that's a little cheaper. Can someone tell me where I can go! Also I was told about Vital can someone give me someone info.
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  3. by   memphispanda
    If you think you might like to try LPN first, try Tennessee technology center http://www.memphis.tec.tn.us/programs.htm
    NA programs are all over the place, but I don't know which are actually going to get you certified. Try here: http://www2.state.tn.us/health/HCF/t...iesregions.htm
  4. by   CVnurse08
    I too ran into the same problem with Concorde and I still am not CNA certified but I found the whole list of training facilities in Shelby County. It is at http://www2.state.tn.us/health/HCF/N...?CountyCode=79
    If that doesn't work go on the tennessee.gov website and type in "Nurse Aide Training Facilities" in the search. Only thing with that list is you have to be careful because a lot of the facilities are statused as inactive and are no longer certified. Make sure the status says "active". Hope this helps.
    PM me if you need more info.
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  5. by   benr98
    Check your local hospital, I did and they had a program that was very inexpesive. $133 for the entire course. They alternate courses from evening one time to days another time and they have a 98% state passing rate, meaning if you pass their final more than likely you will pass the state test. I have also heard that the Tennessee Technology Centers also have a CNA program for around $800. I am not sure about that though as I have not checked into it. I hope this helps.