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I recently applied for the Spring 2012 term @ U of M. The deadline to apply was October 30. Has anyone received an acceptance letter yet? Or any news at all? It is driving me insane waiting on the mailman everyday. :) Thanks!... Read More

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    Because the min is a 2.7. However it's competitive so they only accept like the top 100 GPA's. I had a 3.07 and my advisor said the cut off was a 3.1. Figures.

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    I don't know if you live in Memphis, but the university's nursing program had their budget cut significantly. They asked over half the nursing professors to retire, in order to save money. According to admissions, they had the highest volume of applicants they have ever had this term, and weren't able to accept over half the total number of students they normally do. No one told any of the nursing applicants this was going on. I was very high on the wait list. Therefore, if there were not a budget cut, I would have been accepted without question.
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    Didn't know that. Did you hear this from the school of nursing?
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    Yes, I spoke with an administrator in the admissions department about it several times. :/
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    Are there any threads out that anyone is still talking about the spring 2012 program? Getting kinda nervous about it.

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