LMU nursing program at St. Mary's campus

  1. Is LMU's nursing program at St. Mary's campus an excellent program?
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  3. by   ~FutureNurse~
    Define excellent?

    I just graduated from there on 5/1/10. The instructors know their stuff. There was on one or two who I feel didn't really know their stuff--or they just didn't know how to communicate it. But, these were not the full-time instructors. They would teach one or two sections the whole sememster.

    The tests are hard as hell--but at least you know that you indeed know your stuff if you pass! I took an NCLEX predictor,and made a 97%. Which means that I have a 97% chance to pass NCLEX on the first try. I feel prepared, and feel like I learned so much.

    Clinical is another story. They have certain clinical instructors who are not very good at what they do. They can be just mean and not very helpful. There are only 2 of those IMO. IF you are put with a good clinical instructor you will learn alot, and be given tons of chances to learn skills.

    However, with all that said---it is very expensive. VERY...I am not really sure if it is worth the $600/credit hour..but I have also not been to any other school. (I also dont think education should be that expensive anywhere!!!)

    So, if I had to rate it on a scale on 1-10,I would give it a 7. I would rate it as good, not excellent.
  4. by   Vitamin C
    Thank you for replying to my question. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply. I've been studying the dosage calculation packet. It's hard for me to define excellent due to the fact that I've never been in a nursing program before. I figured asking someone who had been in the nursing program before could give me an idea of what it was like. Thank you for responding.
  5. by   FutureRegNurs
    Is LMU's Nursing School difficult to get into? I have a bachelors degree and masters degree in education. I was a nursing major until I changed my major to education, so I have almost all of my pre-reqs. I have to take A&P 2, Developmental Psychology, and Nutrition. I will be taking those in the spring. I am currently a teacher with a 9 month old. So, I will have to work hard to manage work, family, and school in the spring. However, if I get accepted to LMU, I will be quitting my job to pursue nursing. The problem is that my GPA is less than desirable. In undergrad, I was a slacker. I squeaked by with B's and C's. In my masters program I had a 4.0 because school was more important. I know that I can make A's in the three classes this spring as well. Does anyone know if I will be able to get into the program with these grades? My GPA is a 2.76...which is pretty horrible. I just can't teach the rest of my life. I really feel like nursing is where I am suppose to be. Please help!!!
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    Hey guys i will be going to LMU this Fall 2011 was wondering if you all liked it at the St. marys site???????? in knoxville TN i will be driving from morristown TN and was going to see if you all could give me any clue what i need to buy before hand dont want to wait on a packet in July??? i want to go ahead and start buying while i have the money????