LMU BSN 2013

  1. Anyone get excepted to LMU BSN program starting August 2013 in Cedar Bluff? I just got my exceptance letter! Any grads want to tell us about the program? things we need?
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  3. by   etsmith
    I am not a grad yet but I am currently in the program and graduate in December. You are really going to like this program, well I do anyway. The instructors are great! My class will still be there when you guys start in the fall so if you do have any questions after you start I am sure that any of my classmates will be happy to help. I do hope you enjoy going to school there cause I do. I will tell you one thing orientation is crazy long and you will be very overwhelmed. But don't worry it all makes sense as it goes. And you get to wear navy scrubs instead of wearing white ones... its great. You don't really need anything they give you a bag with pretty much everything you need besides books. They do give you a stethoscope however it isn't the best in the world so you are probably going to want to buy your own but if not the one they give you will be fine.
  4. by   nursehaigler
    Thank you sooo much!!!
  5. by   loyam2
    Hi, I received my acceptance letter (Cedar Bluff) as well, but I also applied to RSCC...I'm trying to determine which school would work out best for me, considering costs, schedules, etc. Does anyone know what the schedule is like the 1st semester? I need to alter my hours at work and would like to have some idea of what to expect. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  6. by   bmarie_mph
    I too have been accepted into the program! I'm so excited!
  7. by   lpc008
    Hey nursehaigler, I will be starting LMU this fall and I was wondering if you could give me so advice from your experience at Cedar Bluff. How was the school work your first semester? How was clinicals? Were the teachers helpful? Did you feel overwhelmed? What kind of things can I go ahead and prepare for such as scrubs, shoes, materials. Any information will help.