ITT Tech Nashville New RN Program

  1. Has anyone heard about it or started there? Any thoughts about it?
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  3. by   juice2407
    Quote from Dedicated2Nursing
    Has anyone heard about it or started there? Any thoughts about it?
    Yes! I actually went for a tour and wanted to know more about their program. They JUST actually started the program march of this year (2012) They do not have an acredidation yet untill their first graduation, which I believe it is 2014. I think they have students in the program around 30. The program is pretty expensive. It is 493 dollars per credit hour. It seems as if it is pretty easy to get into RIGHT NOW but I do not know about the future. All they require is you taking the HESI with a 75% pass rate. They take 15-30 students every quarter. They pretty much remind me of NSCC (nashville state community college) NSCC had the same deal where they where not accredided yet and now they are. So, will see how it goes. Hope this helps
  4. by   Candybelle2233
    I went for an information session with a nursing advisor a few weeks ago. Very nice, polite, and respectful. The tour of the school was excellent. They have a great skills lab. I also got to speak briefly with a current nursing student. The price is very high $493.00 a credit hour. If you have some Pre Reqs done that will save you some. If you have all that's great but you can't get financial aide or scholarships if you transfer in all Pre Reqs. They start new classes every quarter. June 18 next, the September 18 etc. you have to pass the HESI to get in is the only requirement right now. I believe you have to make an 75 or higher. It's basic math, reading, English and grammar.
    I am tired if waiting on the other schools so I will be starting in September can't wait.
    Also if you qualify for financial aid they award 3 times which can be 17,500. Minus some Pre Reqs 10k and they also have a new oppourtunity scholarship. So 52k sounds like a lot till you subtract all of that. No matter what school you attend we all take the same NCLEX at the end of the day.
    Your loans are normally 20k in any s hoop. Books, uniforms etc ITT has all of that covered in except uniforms they maybe $100
    Oh and yes APSU takes ALL transfer credits from ITT as long as you have your RN first you can finish your BSN through APSU after you graduate from ITT.
  5. by   Megan0711
    I'm interested in the Nashville program and I still have to take the hesi entrance exam. I am really nervous and was wondering if you attended any of their study sessions they offered or if you just went over the study book? Also in the study book there is vocabulary do you remember if they had vocabulary on the test? If you could please let me know that would be great I would really appreciate it. I just want this really bad I'm running out of options and they have no information online about their entrance test.
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    I was wondering if you could tell me more info about the HESI exam. I take it tomorrow and im so nervous. Didn't know if you could give me some key tips of what to know and if it was just like the questions in the book.