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Having a Baby and Nursing School

  1. 0 Hi, everyone! I am a sophomore at a community college and have decided to try and get into the RN program here and obtain my associate's in nursing. I would need to complete 3 science courses and a speech class. This would take me 3 semesters because I am told to not take the 3 sciences all at once.
    My husband and I have been married for 4 years and have been together for 7 years. We are financially stable to have our first baby and allow me to not work and go to school. However, I am wondering how difficult this would be with an infant or toddler? Nursing school is mostly clinicals that requires 17-20 hours a week in school. It is very time consuming! Has anyone had a baby/toddler during nursing school? And how much time were you able to have with your child?
    I would also need to go to evening classes because hubby works days and he can watch him/her at night. Are the night classes any different than day classes? accelerated or anything?
    Thank you for reading. I could use any advice any one has to offer! Thanks!
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    I myself had three children and went thru nursing school first two semesters working full time and the last two part-time.... I think you can do it just fine.... I am a single mother with no help from my children's father.... I also went to a community college.... With the help of your husband you should be quite okay! If I can do I think anyone can!
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    Didn't mention the age but at the start of school they were 9, 7, and 2.... Dedication will help you excel in all that you do!!!