Has anyone in Tennessee heard of Accelerated Learning Center? PLEASE HELP!

  1. I am an LPN trying to become an RN. I am looking at a place called Accelerated Learning Center. Has anyone heard of it? I met 2 nurses during my clinicals that were going through them and they had nothing but good things to say about it,but I cant find anything else about it ANYWHERE! Please help!
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  3. by   fwardlaw147
    I believe the link is rnsooner.com. I went to their office down in the metroplex area last year before starting my LPN program. They seemed nice. Unfortunately, I do not know much about the program. They were not forthcoming with the tuition amounts or the actual time it takes to finish due to my lack of LPN status last year.
  4. by   StateBoardFacts
    This appears to be a testing preparation vendor. They likely will provide you with study materials to take the Excelsior College (LPN-RN) degree program exams. You should contact Excelsior College directly to see if they are recommended at excelsior.edu.
  5. by   drgraden
    Actually, I am the President of ALC. We have been in TN for 5 years now. We provide Masters and Doctoral level instruction focused on the Excelsior College exams. We also provide a CPNE Lab, as well as a NCLEX Lab.

    Classes are one day per week, for 4 hours. There are both morning and evening classes available, including Saturdays. This means that you can maintain a full-time pace and still keep your job.

    For those of you who know Lynn Frederick, you may want to ask her about us. She has visited me at my office in Nashville, TN and seen our operation for herself.

    StateBoardFacts: Excelsior no longer runs that partnership program. I wish they did.

    As far as fwardlaw147's concern about not disclosing rates, there was no point since she was not qualified for Excelsior's program. Although our rates have not changed in 2 years, who knows if they will or not once she graduates from LPN school?

    As a matter of policy, we do not sign up a new student until they have our rates, as well as any they will take for EC, exams, clinicals, books, etc. in writing. I don't believe in "surprises" of this nature.

    Anyway, hope that clears things up.

    BTW: I may be wrong about this, but I believe that we are the only non-traditional nursing program allowed to speak to Tennessee Tech's LPN classes on site, prior to their graduation.
  6. by   sfscheermom
    Please contact the Board of Nursing prior to signing anything with Excelsior or RN Sooner!! Ask them about the programs.
  7. by   drgraden
    Agreed! Please do check with the TN Board of Nursing. One of my instructor's DON is a member of the TN Nursing Board. Also, check with the Better Business Bureau. You will find zero complaints in the 5 years we have been in operation.
  8. by   tenn lpn
    allizfulloflove :what did you find out? did you decide to sign up? please share, I am considering. I just started looking. But I was completely astonished with the $$. I am researching. I just don't know if I can do that right now.
  9. by   drgraden
    Quote from tenn lpn
    I was completely astonished with the $$.
    I'm not quite sure what you expected. If you need all of your General Ed classes and all the nursing classes - then add in the CPNE lab and NCLEX lab - then add in your books and Excelsior fees - all that totals less than 1 year's tuition at a traditional nursing school!

    We pride ourselves on doing everything possible to make our program affordable and flexible enough to accommodate any work schedule. Plus we have a pass guarantee second to none.
  10. by   tenn lpn
    no offense drgraden, i was just shocked.
  11. by   drgraden
    No problem. Give me a call and I'd be glad to discuss it with you.
  12. by   Michael55
    Tuition is not the only thing this school is not forthcoming about. It is a For-Profit school, although there is nothing wrong with that. A review of their website at www.rnsooner.com reads more like a late-night get-rich-quick scheme than any kind of school. There is very little info and lots of "Look at how much you can make". As long as the website is, they disclose almost nothing. They boast an NCLEX pass ratio of 94% but fail to disclose the percentage of students that actually make it to the test-rumored to be around 64%. That is pretty poor. I did contact them and found them to be just as unforthcoming on the phone. I have found out from a friend who attended that you are charged for practice tests. Each one. She also said there were fees every time she turned around. You will notice in this thread that the director bristled at the notion that his school (of which his wife is the CFO) is expensive but he will not disclose any fees up front. Have you seen any other school that does this? It is also concerning that this school os no longer ascociated with Excelsior. Why is that?
    The bottom line is there are some real questions that deserve some real answers before you turn over your hard earned money to this school.
  13. by   Michael55
    I just spoke to Excelsior College. They are regionally accredited and their course credits would transfer to other TN universities. Accelerated Learning appears to be a test-prep "school" that prepares you for Excelsior's tests (Excelsior admissions said they have not heard of Accelerated Learning but that they are aware of places like this that prep students to take exams). My understanding is your degree would be from Excelsior, not Accelerated Learning. This being the case this may not be a bad program, just be aware that it is not truly a "School". I myself have taken courses similar to this before taking licensing exams for both insurance and real estate. In both cases I found the classes extremely valuable in passing those exams.
    I do wish Accelerated Learning would be more clear about what they truly are. They have had reps speak at the LPN program at TTC Nashville but in the instances I am familiar with their answers were vague and it was presented more as a sales pitch. Be aware that this course can run $10,000 or more! Hope this helps!
  14. by   drgraden
    Wow, where to begin. Don't you just love rumors and innuendo?

    1. Of course we are a for profit business. As we are not a charity or owned by a religious organization, how could we qualify to be a non-profit?

    2. I'm not going to be baited into discussing rumors. Enough said...

    3. We don't disclose prices over the web or phone. The reason is that we offer bulk discounts and sales that complicate such a conversation. Also, when a prospective student meets with our admissions director, they leave with a written breakdown of ALL fees - not just tuition to pay us. There is nothing ambiguous about it at all and no one signs up during that first meeting. If a prospective student is not committed to finishing their degree, we don't want them.

    And our tuition is no where near $10,000. However someone needing an entire 2 year associates degree (in other words, they have no general education classes before entering the program) may spend that much when other fees are included. Again, all that is disclosed to the penny during the first admissions meeting.

    4. We do not, and never have, charged for a practice test. However, some of our students choose to take the practice test offered by Excelsior College and Excelsior College does charge for that (not us). We offer plenty of practice throughout our courses and taking the Excelsior practice test is not necessary.

    5. As far as no longer being associated with Excelsior College, we never were, nor had we ever claimed to be. While Excelsior College had such a program years ago, their application process was cumbersome and few chose to pursue it. They discontinued the program altogether a couple of years ago, so no one can legitimately claim to be associated with them.

    What we have found to be the case is that is is pointless to spend a lot of time on the phone with people "kicking the tires". What we do is effective and unique. It takes about 90 minutes to go over how our program works. That's why we require an appointment to disclose all of this.

    Otherwise, it just leads to more rumors.

    Michael, you are welcome to come by for such an appointment anytime. Check us out with the BBB - you will find a perfect record and a score of "A". Very few businesses have that.

    Also, most area employers reimburse our tuition for their employees and we have lenders ready and willing to help those who need such help. That doesn't happen for businesses who are not credible and stable.

    I appreciate your suspicion. There are so many scams out there, especially in this field. All I ask is that you get the facts.

    BTW: Finding out that my wife was CFO was easy - it's publicly available information that we make no attempt to hide. We are very forthcoming about our business and programs. I even have a publicly available Google Profile.

    In a couple of aspects, I wish we did qualify to be a non-profit. Especially now that it's tax season!

    Michael, there is so much reward in what we do. Just last month I was with a friend in the ER and ran into 2 of our graduates. One was recently promoted to Nurse Supervisor of the whole ER!

    Another graduate contacted me last month and thanked me for offering such a program. You see, she had just landed her dream job with a local hospital and took time to think of us.

    Yes, it does cost money, but just a fraction of a traditional nursing college. And the rewards are so great...

    BTW: just saw your latest post. Of course we are a test preparation program. Again, we go over all of that when you come in.

    I hope you stop by soon. I'd love to meet you. Given your research skills, you should be very successful in a program like ours.
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