Finally got hired!

  1. I finally got past the first step!!! I had interviewed for a position on the med surge floor at Gateway medical, the nurse manager remember my resume from an oncology position I applied for. She sounded very positive and seemed to genuinely like me, but I got my rejection email the next week About 2 weeks later another position in oncology opened, so I applied and she called the next day to set up an informal interview, since she'd interviewed me already. I chatted with one of the nurses, but thought I totally bombed it because of the things she was asking. Kept asking about my experience, chem, blood transfusions...Uh, I've never had any experience in that, we were not allowed to deal with that in school! I walked out and felt like it was the worst thing ever. I even texted my husband and said I expect my rejection email any day. Well, no email came, so a week later I emailed the nurse manager just thanking her for the interview and such, and she emailed me back the next day saying I got the job! YAY! I got a call yesterday offering me the position, and have to go Feb 10 to start orientation!
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  3. by   Berry Monster

    Congrats. Isn't that funny how things work out? Also, are you a new RN grad nurse with a BSN? If so, how long did it take you to establish employment? How long after you graduated did you take your NCLEX?


  4. by   SunshineDaisy
    Thank you! I graduated in May 2013 in Las Vegas, passed NCLEX in June then moved to TN in July and got my license here as well, took a few weeks. I started looking for jobs the end of July, so took roughly 6 months! And I graduated with my ADN, but started back to school in Aug for my BSN, which will be done in Sept!
  5. by   rnm10
    Wow! Congrats to your success!