Concorde has an RN program in Memphis? Really?? Concorde has an RN program in Memphis? Really?? | allnurses

Concorde has an RN program in Memphis? Really??

  1. 0 I was at a training seminar held by the local health department today, and one of the nurses there gave me a business card. "Concorde Career Institute, Jane Doe (not her real name), DNS, RN, Nursing Program Director". I didn't ask her about it at the time, because it was in the middle of the class and she just gave it to me without saying a word.

    Looking on the Concorde website, I don't see a nursing program listed for Memphis. But, a good friend of mine told me about 6 months ago that she was accepted to a dual Medical Assistant/RN program through Concorde (she didn't go through with it because she moved to California). It's also not listed on the state's list of approved RN programs.

    What's going on here? Please tell me this rip-off institution hasn't gotten approval to run an RN program in Memphis. I'm really wondering if they're trying to sell the whole "Medical Assistant is the same as a nurse" thing, since they do list an MA program and my friend said it was a dual MA/RN program (I have never heard of such, and couldn't imagine why one would even want to get an MA with their RN).

    Anyone have any more info on this?
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    i am interested in this as well. i have never heard of a rn program there.
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    i dont think they do. they have MA but not RN! unless this just happen in the past few months!
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    I know this may sound a bit hard to believe but,Concorde does have a RN program
    starting I believe spring 2012. I was informed about this program from a nurse who
    works there P/T and this was about 3 yrs. ago. I spoke to one of the recruiters and
    they are placing names on a list for this program. So, yes it's true!
    Way To Go Concorde!
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    I just recently got accepted into their RN program in the first class. We start July 9th. look into it!!
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    Good God.

    I can't believe this predatory school actually got approved in Tennessee. I am very disappointed in the Tennessee Board of Nursing. Concorde is known for scamming their students with programs like their 1-year PCA program, which costs $10,000+ and gives the student nothing more than a CNA certification.

    Nearly $37,000 in tuition for an AAS in Nursing and another $3,200 in books beyond that. This should be illegal. I feel sorry for anyone who is duped into signing up for this program. For $37,000, you could get your BSN at the University of Memphis and have money left over.
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    Are you currently in their program I have a few questions I will be starting in August.
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    Eworley, have you completed all the steps in the enrollment process? If so I have a couple questions.
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    im considering the nursing program @ Concorde...What have you heard about it?..How much is the tuition at U of M for nursing?
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    Concorde memphis does have a RN program that's 15 months long. You have to take two test before acceptance and it's 15 months long.