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Hi everyone! I am going back to school to finally pursue my dream to become a nurse. I live in Chattanooga, TN and will be enrolling in the Fall with Chattanooga State Com. College on Monday. ... Read More

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    No it wasn't me! Haha but wouldn't that have been crazy! I didn't talk to anyone after. If we were at the same session I was the girl up front that kept asking questions at the end. I'm taking the lecture online and lab in person on wednesday night. When do u have lab?
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    tuesday lab and lecture online!
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    Well let me know if you ever want to meet up at Panera, Starbucks or something to study! I am taking the TEAS next Tuesday and am super nervous. I can talents again in Jan or Feb if I need to but I would really rather go into te semester knowing I have a great score already. I hope it's not too bad! I'm half way through the math section and hope to finish it up tonight or tomorrow. Just got in my car from buying A&P for Dummies as a help before class starts.

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