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Anyone here have any advice on the Jefferson City area? I live in Florida currently and have been accepted to an LPN-BSN bridge at Carson-Newman...Just wondering about the area. Thanks... Read More

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    What makes you want to relocate to TN? Have you been there?
    I've never been there but have heard its beautiful. Also I found that I'd be able to finish sooner with this program rather than doing a program in Michigan (they have way more pre-reqs).
    I am working right now at a doctors office and i really like it.
    I feel kinda crazy because i'm almost done with my bachelors in psychology but im switching last minute to nursing.
    My classes start next week and im kinda nervous about taking 2 science courses :/ but hopefully i'll do well.

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    hello all! i signed up for this allnurses thing because i was meaning to look up students who are at carson- newman and majoring in nursing.

    ok so here goes, i’m a senior and home schooled (in high school of course) and so this is allowing me to graduate early as of dec 15. this meaning i will be attending a local junior college in my flordia town. my plan is to take a few classes mainly college alg, eng comp, nutrient, and microbio. and then hopefully enroll at c-n next fall. my question here is that i want to major in nursing and the air force rotc. i no that i can get a scholarship that the afrotc will pay for everything. how can i go about appling for the scholarship and what is the best way to go about it. i’ve already emailed the man that c-n gave me and he said i could apply for the highschool scholarship, but unfortunately i can not because as of january i will be a college student.
    also is anyone in the air force rotc and majoring in nursing if so please help me with some information or if you no anyone that is please pm me
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    Hey there, found your post. I live in West Knoxville and will be starting the LPN to BSN accelerated program at CN in August. I'm registered for 16 credits. YIKES! How far in to the program are you?

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