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I know it's a bit early, but I intend on applying for the evening/weekends program at SWTCC Spring 2012. I have a gpa of 2.75, 143 on nln, and an A in ap2 and B's in micro and ap1. Is there anyone... Read More

  1. by   sjmann90
    My clinical is Saturdays at Methodist Germantown. Anyone else have the same? Or what other hospitals did you get?
  2. by   klputman
    Has anyone gotten a hold of the handbook? I've looked everywhere on paws
  3. by   sjmann90
    Yes. Click on any of the classes on the front page. Then click on content and you will have a long list of stuff on the left hand side. Scroll down and find it. It's normally right below the syllabus.
  4. by   Julie723
    Im doing Clinical Sunday at Methodist University.
  5. by   klputman
    I'm still having trouble locating the handbook. Is it located on paws? If it is there are no classes showing up when I log in. Would someone please help me or send a hyperlink to the handbook? I would greatly appreciate it!
  6. by   dbowen
    where do we find out which hospital we will be at for clinical!
  7. by   klputman
    Julie - I'm also signed up for Sunday clinical at central. Does anyone recommend a good drug reference book? I didn't get the bundle, I saw the reference in there - it looked pretty decent based on size and cover. I'm going to order mine through amazon
  8. by   lildeebone
    I am finally DONE with t his program.. This tread brings back memories!
  9. by   Southwest_nursing
    Quote from lildeebone
    I am finally DONE with t his program.. This tread brings back memories!
    hey, will that new building be open for the fall that you know of?
  10. by   sjmann90
    Go glad to be done too! This is Sierra. Who is this? It's crazy how many of us actually talked to each other through this website before we actually knew each other.

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