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Hi everyone- I've been a New Yorker all of my life, but my family just bought a house in Eastern TN. I was an LPN in acute care from 93 to 08- RN, and just finished my BSN last year. The way everything here in NY is heading, BSNs... Read More

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    Hi. I am new here and this is a bit off topic, but in many ways related as well and I hoping someone can provide some advice. I have a BS in Business as well as an MS in Communications - after 10 years of serving Corporate America and feeling nothing in return I have decided I need to serve a greater good and am going back to school to be an RN. It seems many hospitals are currently or soon will be changing their philosophy and will be hiring BSNs only.

    I am in the Nashville, TN area and likely will not graduate until late 2014 or early 2015. Should I not even consider Associate degree programs at this point and look at only Bachelor's programs?!?!

    The associate program is attractive due to cost, but I certainly do not want to waste the next 2-3 years of my life. Please share your thoughts and advice. Also, if you specifically work in a local hospital - please let me know if your hospital has definite plans to move to hiring BSNs only!
    Thank-you so much in advance!!!

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    Bottom line is you better start getting it, or expect to work in not well respected hospitals in the near future. In Nashville, at my well respected (non-magnet) hospital we recently terminated all the LPNs. Rumor is non-BSNs will be phased out as soon has we have enough new grad BSNs to replace 80% of the workforce. This will likely take 2-3 years but will happen eventually.
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    Perhaps go for your associates and then bridge through an online program. Its definitely cheaper that way, and there are many "good" universities that offer bridge programs now.
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    I would say that it would take you less time to do a BSN program because you already have a lot of the prerequisites anyway having 2 degrees already. Go for it!
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    the pay for everything is less here in TN, BUT the cost of living is also a lot cheaper than it is in NY. BSN is slowly starting to make its way in TN. I am only a student, but looking at job openings for a few years I have noticed some require a BSN. Give it time, if you really need to make more money go to middle or west TN or back to NY.
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    When applying for jobs, pay attention to the educational requirements. If it says BSN preferred, that means an associate or diploma nurse will be considered with the right background. Yes, TN is in the low pay range for nurses, but not in the top ten lowest states according to
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    I know this is an old post, but I came across it and wanted to provide some current information. Nursing reciters told me that the Methodist LeBonheur Hospital system is wanting their ASN RNs to pursue their BSN within the next 3 years. By 2017, they will only be hiring BSN. They are trying to become a magnet hospital and they need their nurses to hold BSN degrees. Hope this information was helpful

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