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I just discovered this website, and have read some informative things so far. I will be attending Cleveland State CC Fall 2011, where I'll begin the RN program. Any fellow students or CSCC alumni RNs... Read More

  1. by   lisadavis008
    I got accepted to CSCC nursing for the fall 2011 but I took a job at a Dr.'s office during the day time so I am now applying to the night program. I have heard that the program at CSCC is very rigorous as it should be. I have heard the drop out rate is around 50% as well but there are many reasons one may have dropped out. I know I don't want a nurse to take care of me that doesn't know what she is doing, so I think it is great to have a program that teaches us what we need to know to be able to head out into the world and do a great job as a Nurse I am hoping I get picked for the night program..anxiously waiting!
  2. by   cmarcereau
    I also dropped off my application for the night program. I have a good friend that graduated from the program. She said it is tough but a great program. I wish everyone the best and good luck to everyone and don't let anyone get you upset.
  3. by   alycia1
    I have a lot of experience with the Cleveland state nursing program. It is by far the worst in the area with a horrendously low graduation rate. They are on academic probation (again) by the state board of licensing in Atlanta and except EVERY student who applies and is qualified to enter the program.

    The material is taught in a very sporadic way for example, you will have the nursing topics spit up over the course of the 2 year program jumping from adult health to pediatrics to fluid and electrolytes and back to pediatrics again. Most nursing schools teach in a systematic way such as covering ALL pediatrics, then ALL adult health, then ALL pshy. It can be confusing and frustrating.

    Also it is heavily focused on paper work which is mandatory however students receive no credit it.

    The clinical hours that students spend at hospitals, schools, and out patient facilities also are mandatory (and good learning experiences) but once again students do not receive a grade for it. Unlike most nursing schools who typically calculate at least 20 % of your final grade from your clinical practice.

    The passing score is a 77... Chat state, Southern and UTC are all about 70. That makes a huge difference in the number of students who can pass the course. And keep in mind we are talking about students who came into the program with 4.0 GPAs

    The bottom line is, if you are a good test taker you will do great! If your not, go some place else for your degree. They do not care how terrible you do in clinical s as long as you do well on your tests.

    I hope this helps someone, this is meant to be informative but also honest. Good luck
  4. by   Farrisovich
    I was wanting to apply to Cleveland States program for fall 2012 but I was wondering what my odds were for getting accepted into the class (day.) I made a 86 on the HESI but my total points using the acceptance model that comes in the packet was only 37 out of 50. I was wondering if anyone else who got accepted would be able to tell me what number they got so I could compare. I really want to get in but I'm worried my numbers will not be good enough. Thanks.