Anyone waiting to hear from Baptist College in memphis

  1. Hey all, is anyone out there who applied for Fall 2012 at Baptist in memphis waiting to hear anything. I was late applying however I did beat the May 1st deadline. They have all my transcripts. Mr. ****** said that I would know something by the middle of May. Also is it very competitive, I have a BS already and I have completed both A&P 1 and A&P 2 with labs. I would appreciate if anybody will be willing to share what helped them to get accepted ( i.e gpa, pre-reqs, etc...) Thanks in advance. Please if someone can about clinical start dates.
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  3. by   baseballmom99
    I have applied for Fall also.
  4. by   soon2bnurseV
    Are you waiting to hear back. Have you received any information:heartbeat Thats exactly how my heart is
  5. by   tsconard
    Baptist Grad here....Dec 2009....honest talk here... don't sweat getting in that's easy, it's STAYING in that's the hard part. I had several friends fail out our last year and I was 2 points away myself. Please, please, please, a bit of advice from me to you all... STAY FOCUSED once you start clinicals, they are nothing like any classes you have ever had. Many of us found ourselves having to isolate from friends and family just to pass classes/clinicals. If you all stay encouraged and surrounded with people who motivate you , stay drama free, and study will make it.
  6. by   soon2bnurseV
    Thanks tsconard, I have been warned plenty of times by friends whom are nurses about studying and staying focus. I can't help but to worry about getting in because I will be so so ready to start once I am accepted. I have really geared myself up for this and I am more ready than ever to begin this journey. If you don't mind me asking did you have a pretty high GPA. I have a BS already and plus I have completed A & P I and II. So what do you think?
  7. by   baseballmom99
    I cannot private message yet because I have not posted alot. I have not received anything yet though. What about you? I think they will let us know mid-May.(not too long now I hope)
  8. by   mls12
    I'm waiting for an admission decision as well. This has been a true test of patience
  9. by   cljonesfuturenurse
    I haven't heard anything yet either. I am so nervous. I heard they don't start clinicals until 2014 though. I will have my pre-reqs completed this summer. What would I do until then if I'm accepted? I already have Bachelors so I have all my generals too.
  10. by   mls12
    I thought for sure that I might get something (good or bad lol) in the mail today - nothing. *sigh*
  11. by   cljonesfuturenurse
    Me too, nothing yet. They have two of my transcripts and I'm waiting on my final grades to post so that they can get my other. They said that they could determines acceptance from those two though. I know of four people who have all gotten acceptance letters. Maybe I was rejected.
  12. by   baseballmom99
    Nothing here yet either. Anybody?
  13. by   mls12
    I actually called the admissions office yesterday and was told that admission decisions will continue this week AND next week. We still have a chance
  14. by   baseballmom99
    Waiting list for me