Anyone apply for UT's Direct Entry MSN? - page 2

I turned in my application yesterday for UT's direct entry MSN program for non-nurses with a bachelor's degree. Anyone else apply? I'm currently at Baptist, but the wait time for clinicals is forever, so I'm exploring other... Read More

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    Yes, the interview last year was just a formality. I just met with Dr. McKeon for about five minutes. Last year they had some current students come in while we waited to talk about the program.

    Just as an FYI- the program is very disorganized and costs a lot more than they told us. If I could do it again, I wouldn't come here, I would go to Union.

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    Does anyone that has gone through the application process or current students have answers for the below?

    What is the acceptance rate for the program?

    How many people can they take each year?

    Is this a highly selective program?

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    Thank you for your advice! This thread is really helpful!
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    Any more information on this program?

    I am considering UT and I would like to hear more experience with the program.


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