Any Chattanooga State Nursing Hopefuls Here?? (2013 Night Program) - page 5

Hey! I plan to try to get into the 2013 night program and just trying to see if any one is on here for me to chat with about 2013 nightssss! Thanks in advance!... Read More

  1. by   joyful2013
    I just saw the email.
  2. by   joyful2013
    We need to turn in just the Clinical passport. I thought they wanted documents too.
  3. by   rylandsmom1985
    Anyone get the ATI info yet? I have not received any email from the program
  4. by   SaraBradburn
    I got it yesterday, late afternoon.
  5. by   joyful2013
    Anyone else having trouble using the ATI products?
  6. by   s9801430
    they have not send the ati info yet or the syllabus I am contsantly checking my regular email and email in chattstate
  7. by   rylandsmom1985
    I check all the time too and still nothing. Also my tigerweb email isn't working now