Any Chattanooga State Nursing Hopefuls Here?? (2013 Night Program) - page 4

Hey! I plan to try to get into the 2013 night program and just trying to see if any one is on here for me to chat with about 2013 nightssss! Thanks in advance!... Read More

  1. by   kmac3414
    Did you go ahead and do the liability ins?
  2. by   joyful2013
    Yes. I uploaded all the documents asked for except Hep B-dose 3 and seasonal flu. Plus the Immunization sheet and Clinical Passport
  3. by   joyful2013
    Anyone else still have things pending on MyRecordTracker?
  4. by   SaraBradburn
    I have everything submitted, but my background check and drug tests are still pending! I have called MyRecordTracker, and they said they are waiting on Chatt State; I called Chatt State, and they said they are still waiting for something....I don't know. I hope it works out. I am worrying a lot.
  5. by   kmac3414
    My background took forever! My drug test was pretty fast! Everything on mine has cleared! Thank god!
  6. by   leslieburns
    Hi guys I am Leslie and I am in the Night program too! I put in all of myrecordtracker stuff in over a week ago and everything I have put in says that it is still pending.
  7. by   joyful2013
    Hi Leslie. My finally cleared yesterday. Has anyone else tried the ATI info. I thought Dr Swafford said it was free, but heard from ATI that it's $68.
  8. by   joyful2013
    Just talked to the Nursing Office about ATI. They'll send us emails about it tomorrow or Monday.
  9. by   rylandsmom1985
    everything but my liability insurance and flu shot
  10. by   leslieburns
    Everything finally cleared yesterday...thank goodness! I hope they send us another email about when we are supposed to have another meeting.
  11. by   kmac3414
    I haven't heard anything about the ATI, but I thought it was to be included in our fees for each semester.
  12. by   SaraBradburn
    Did you guys know we were supposed to turn in the actual yellow folder last Friday? I had no idea....I thought it was only MyRecordTracker. How did I miss that information? Luckily, we now have until next Friday; I guess a lot of people didn't understand about that.
  13. by   joyful2013
    I didn't know about the folder. Where or when were we told that? We have until the 2nd?