Any Aquinas Nusing Students out there?? Any Aquinas Nusing Students out there?? | allnurses

Any Aquinas Nusing Students out there??

  1. 0 Hey everyone~ I need some help. I applied to the nursing program at Aquinas but found out that my GPA is a smidge too low. UH! I was so disappointed! I currently have a 2.71 and I need a 2.75. The admissions dept. suggest that I take a summer class, try to get an A, and then my GPA would maybe get to where it needs to be. I am currently in A&P II, so that grade would be applied to my GPA as well. My question is this: is Ethics or Moral Theology easier?? I have already taken everything else, so these are really my only options. I just need to make sure that I can get an A in the class. Any feedback you have would be really appreciated!!
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    wow, forgot the r in NURSING in my title....
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    Hey there - 2nd semester Aquinas nursing student here...

    I have taken Moral, still need Ethics (mistake to wait, I know! ) Anyway, I didn't think Moral was all that hard. And I hear from my classmates that Ethics is pretty similar so you can likely get by with either. Best of luck to you!
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    It depends on who you have as a teacher. I thought they were both easy. Most people think Moral is easier. Just a hint, get everything out of the way before you go into the program. That is what I did and I am counting down the days until graduation (May 15!!). A lot of people put things off until the summer before 4th Semester and what a HUGE mistake it was. 4th Semester is absolute hell and you don't want to have to do anything during or before other than prepare.