Accepted to Pellissippi State & Roane State nursing. Which would you choose?

  1. I was accepted into Pellissippi State's nursing program in February and was so excited I made the cut that I pretty much forgot about the application I sent to Roane State until I recently checked my R.S. email and learned I was accepted there as well. I have a bachelor's from UT and took all of my science prereqs at Pellissippi State. I feel established with Pellissippi State knowing their campuses etc, but now that I have learned that I have been accepted to Roane State's program I'm not as sure about which program to attend as I thought I was. I'm a little nervous about starting all over at a new college and new campuses, but I'm wondering if going to Roane State's nursing program might be more beneficial since they are a well established and long running program versus Pellissippi's nursing which will only begin its second year in the fall. Just looking for others' opinions on either program and/or which you did or would choose?

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  3. by   mp2003
    I think one would be just as good as the other! I also was accepted to roane state for this fall. I think you just need to weigh out the pros and cons of each. which one is closer? I think if you are already comfortable with Pellissippi and enjoy it, then thats where I would go. but like i said just make a list for both. I think if they continued the program there it cant be that bad good luck!
  4. by   mom2ccg
    Congrats on the acceptance to both programs. I have heard good things about both programs. mp2203 makes some good points about Pellissippi but I don't think you can go wrong with either way. Let us know what you finally decide.

    I start Roane State in the Fall - found out last week and super excited. It still isn't real for me and I don't think it will be until the 24th of May when we have our meeting.
  5. by   ChristianBranson
    If I had to choose, I'd pick Roane State because they're program is well liked in the medical field. Pellissippi's program is quite new. It was just approved in 2009. I picked Roane State to attend for nursing because out of all the colleges to choose from locally, they're program is highly favored and the most affordable. I've a lot of clients that are nurses and/or doctors and all said that I'd be wise to go to RSCC for my RN. No matter which you choose, you should be very proud as getting accepted to two programs shows that you're well prepared and ready. Best of luck in choosing your path. I've no doubt that you'll do very well whichever you choose.
  6. by   brittany_micah
    I may be partial because I am a current RSCC student, but RSCC is well established where as Pellissippi is still in pilot mode. Also RSCC has an amazing reputation, even better than some of the universities. I'm sure they are the same or close price wise. You may want to talk to current students/past graduates of both programs. Good Luck!!
  7. by   LindsayWH
    Thanks everyone! It seems I am getting a lot of encouragement to attend RSCC both on this web site and from people that I ask. I have been trying to find some current Pellissippi State nursing students to ask them questions but it's been difficult as there are only 40 of them right now. I wish this was as easy as I thought it would be. For those of you who are current RSCC nursing students, have you found their administration to be at all frustrating? It seems when ever I call I have to press a thousand buttons to get to the department I am trying to contact and then I ALWAYS get an answering machine and never a call back when I leave a message. For example, I've called RSCC financial aid office four times over the last week and a half and have left messages each time asking for a return call and no one has called me back. I have also sent them an email and have received no reply. I find this frustrating. Is this normal for Roane State?
  8. by   brittany_micah
    Lindsay please do not judge the nursing program because of other administrative offices. Financial aid is the WORST! They never answer the phone, they never have their stuff together, you are responsible for your own thing. They have mixed me up with another girl with my name numerous times and dropped me from classes, they have been a nightmare. You almost always have to go in, in person. But the nursing staff and their office staff are amazing! My teachers have been wonderful, spent many hours with them outside of class because I didnt understand something or needed to practice something in lab. Mrs. ****** in lab is wonderful! She was always willing to help me out. They all have high expectations, but I wouldnt have it any other way. I know when I graduate I will be a good nurse!! So over look the others and give the nursing teachers/staff a chance Good Luck!
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  9. by   LindsayWH
    Okay, well I supposed that's sort of good to know that the administration of RSCC bears no reflection on the nursing program. It's just so frustrating trying to get a hold of anyone. And the funny thing is that Pellissippi is having the opposite problem- the administrative offices and financial aid offices etc have always been very helpful, and you can always talk to a person right away when you call. Also, on the rare occasion you do have to leave a message they return your call right away. However, their nursing program has been very slow to give out details about what to expect and unable to be very clear on what we will be doing and when etc. I wish I could combine the their administration with RSCC nursing program. Though I know b/c Pellissippi's nursing program is new there are going to be some kinks and things to work out. Where do Roane State students do their clinicals? Do you get choice at which hospital or are you assigned?
  10. by   brittany_micah
    I feel your pain, I've been waiting for a full week (a message every day) for financial aid with no returned calls. Thats great Pellissippi is better in that aspect, I'm sure they are busy in their nursing division getting everything together.

    At RSCC, we do clinicals at Parkwest, Methodist, Baptist West, St. Mary's downtown, then we do OB at UT for a 3 weeks rotation. Now second year I'm not sure, I know we are doing community nursing at schools and I guess either Lake Shore or Pennisula....oh and peds rotation 2nd year at Children's. Then last semester we get to pick where we want to do transitions. And no you dont get to pick where you do clinicals at, but they try to place you to the hospital closest to where you live. I have done 2 rotations at Methodist, 1 at Parkwest, then 1 at UT. If there is a conflict you can try to switch with someone. You did get to pick what day you want to do clinicals and just a word of advice, keep in mind the night before clinicals you will be doing careplans that take a while to get used to and drug sheets.
  11. by   JTODDRN
    I just graduated from RSCC nursing program last week. It is a great program!! The instructors really care about the success of their students and will go above and beyond to help them succeed. In answer to the previous post, 2nd year students fall semester do School health, home health, pediatrics, and med-surg clinicals. Spring semester you do 4 weeks of psychiatric clinicals, and 4 weeks of transition clinicals. For transition, you get to pick the 3 hospitals and dept you want to do clinicals in and they try to get you your top pick. I wanted to do the ER at UTMC but I ended up getting my 2nd pick which was PACU (surgery recovery room) at UTMC It was awesome!!! Then you have 4 weeks in that semester that you don't have any clinicals. I have done clinicals at Parkwest, Children's, Mercy West, UTMC, Peninsula, Cumberland Medical Cente in Crossville. A lot of it depends on where you live.
  12. by   brittany_micah
    CONGRATULATIONS Jtodd!! I bet you are on cloud 9. Be honest, how awful was 3rd semester??
  13. by   JTODDRN
    Third semester was by far the hardest semester but let me tell you about MY third semester, keep in mind while reading this that I did pass and if I could pass anyone could.
    Third semester started on a Monday, that Thursday, 3 days later, my Mom passed away. 12 days later, my father-in-law passed away. I had to miss school for both funerals but the instructors were wonderful about it. So yes, it is hard but you can do it. But you will be glad to get through with it!!
  14. by   brittany_micah
    Oh my gosh I am sooo very sorry!! But look at you now! You made it! Are you having luck finding a job? When are your state boards? Good Luck!