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I was accepted into Pellissippi State's nursing program in February and was so excited I made the cut that I pretty much forgot about the application I sent to Roane State until I recently checked my R.S. email and learned I was... Read More

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    CONGRATULATIONS Jtodd!! I bet you are on cloud 9. Be honest, how awful was 3rd semester??

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    Third semester was by far the hardest semester but let me tell you about MY third semester, keep in mind while reading this that I did pass and if I could pass anyone could.
    Third semester started on a Monday, that Thursday, 3 days later, my Mom passed away. 12 days later, my father-in-law passed away. I had to miss school for both funerals but the instructors were wonderful about it. So yes, it is hard but you can do it. But you will be glad to get through with it!!
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    Oh my gosh I am sooo very sorry!! But look at you now! You made it! Are you having luck finding a job? When are your state boards? Good Luck!
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    For some reason even though my email notifications are on, I never received emails that there were more responses to my post! Thanks for all the details everyone. I am officially enrolled at Roane State now. Unfortunately,even though I live in Knoxville I will be having to make the hour drive to Harriman for my lab, as I got shut out of Oak Ridge labs due to an administration error > Oh well, I'm sure I'll get used to (fingers crossed..)
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    I live in Clinton and have to drive there twice a week this semester too. If it helps....the lab teachers are AWESOME in Harriman!! You will get used to it and you will make friends and hopefully be able to car pool, thats what Im going to do. Plus the semester will fly bye, good luck!!
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    Good to hear that the lab teachers are awesome at Harriman. I also got shut out of the Oak Ridge labs. I just keep saying it is temporary.

    So excited, I can't believe it all begins next month. eeeek.

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