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  1. good morning,

    does anyone work for teamhealth medical call center or know anything about them? i'm particularly interested in their pay rate. i've gotten feedback from two private phone triage companies recently. the salary was really low and neither offered benefits.

    i'm looking to get off the floor, but my goodness i can't afford to huge paycut and not have bennies! any recommendations of companies that allow you to work from home and offer a benefit package would be greatly appreciated!!

    [font=microsoft sans serif]happy holidays!
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  3. by   glassLady
    I used to work there. Pay for Teamhealth is very low and the emphasis is productivity. You get a constant stream of instant messages from charge nurse telling you to cut the people off and speed up. The calls for advice aren't bad but you also take after hours call for hundreds of MD's. Those calls can take a long time and involve calling MD's, pharmacies etc all the while getting messages that you aren't moving fast enough. The schedules don't come out until the day before the start of the week. 8 hour shifts usually turn into 12 hour one and the hours you agree to work when you are hired and increased more and more as time goes on.
  4. by   abbymaslow
    I worked for them for about 4 years. It was interesting work and they were very concerned with patient care. At that time they did have nurses who worked from home.