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  1. I work in a small call center that provides triage and information for many physician practices after hours. Our QA reviews our call documents and a few recordings of everyones calls, if there is anything questionable it is sent to the nurse for review. Sometimes we have a lot of calls to review. How does your employer do these reviews? Is there a better way?
    Thanks for your help.
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  3. by   Shotzie
    Most palces I know of do some kind of call review that may or may not include reviewing tapes...but one thing worries me..what do you mean "the call is sent to the nurse"?
    Isn't an RN doing the triage or do you have nonprofessionals working telephone triage?
  4. by   kettle
    All calls are done by RN's. A call questionable call that is picked up by the QA is given to the nurse who did the call, so she can review. Our QA also gives the RN's good calls to review, we try to mix the goos with the bad...lots of positive reinforcement.
  5. by   Shed13911
    Our bosses can either listen to our calls, as all are recorded, or they can print out the chart record for the call and review it that way. It gives us good feedback as to what we can do to shorten our call times or improve the service we provide. They to random call reviews every 2-3 months.
  6. by   Jerry 75
    I am at a very large call center. Calls are reviewed randomly by supervisors and if there is a complaint from a Doctor that call is also reviewed. The Nurse gets to listen to the call also