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And what did you think? I took it last week and feel like I was prepared for the Math and Reading portions by using the study guide but I really struggled with the Science portion. For me it was a lot of Chemistry and it's been a... Read More

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    I took the TEAS V back in January. I did alot better than I thought walking out of the testing center.(98th percentile overal, 96th percentile in science) All I used to study was the ATI study guide and it was very helpful but not the end-all-be-all. You really have to have some sort of science backround to do well on this test. The study guide just helps you jog your memory.

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    I have taken the TEAS V twice now since that's all my school allows us to take within a two year period. The first time I took it I got an 80% and the second time I took it I got an 87.3%. I'm pretty happy with my score but I also worked very hard for it. I spent a lot of time at the library reviewing the study guide and taking practice tests. I'd also never been so nervous or stressed about a test before. Science has always been a strong subject for me and my individual score was a 87.5% both times. For me, I thought the English and Language section was the hardest. The best I ever got on that section was a 70% and I always thought I was good at English but maybe not. I don't think its possible to do really well in the science section unless you've had most of those classes they are reviewing before. The study guide helps but I felt like most of those science questions were review of all the sciences classes I'd ever taken throughout my education. Hopefully this score will be enough to get me into the RN program at my school but if not, at least I know I tried my hardest.
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    I got 93.3% overall last week, 99th percentile national and program's. All I can say is use the ATI TEAS V for Reading/Math/English and the McGrawhill's for Science. Also, try to use every allotted minute. Even if you are sure of your answers, use them to calm yourself and mentally prepare for the next section.
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    How did everyone do on the TEAS V?

    My school is average is a 91% so I need to make that score or better!!!!

    Anyone got any tips?
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    Holy Cow! I would never make it into that school 91% is awesome. Man, seeing these scores makes me feel like a dummy! My score was a 69% and I did have the ATI study manual and took it the second time after studying it and made a lower score..I upped my percentage in Math but my other three areas score went down the second time. I guess there are just a lot smarter people out there than me ....i'm just hoping I make into my school. I haven't heard anyone around here making that good of a score on the TEAS V.
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    Are there questions about food webs on there? I know there were for version 4 but I am curious about version 5! Thanks for the help in advance.
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    Took the TEAS V this morning, first time, got a 90. It was not that bad.
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    Purplebm - Were there food webs on your test?
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    Now that you mention food web, I almot swear I believe there was one on my exam in some section. I know there was a food menu, and you had to caclulate prices based including upsales, determine which dish was the cheapest or most expensive, etc.

    I honestly did not study one bit. I hated to pay for $40 or whatever for the study guide and it not be worth it. I paid my cash well before the test date, showed up and knocked down a 91. After reading some people saying how great the guide worked for them, I feel like I should have studied a bit more and made the most of the test. Live and learn I suppose.
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    Hey guys I just took the TEAS not sure how I did I will get my results in a few days but definitely no geology, food webs on there!!!!! Read this thread there is some good advice on here... good luck!

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