TEAS V Study Plan

  1. Now I could be wrong. But in failing the TEAS V before I devised an idea. I went on the ATI website and got my assessment report. I then looked at my "focused" review they generated. I printed all the pdf's from it (which are just pages from their book). I'm going to skim the parts the test says I understand and concentrate on the guided review areas.

    Does this seem like a sound plan? Has anyone done this with a modicum of success?

    My scores:
    AITS: 69.3%
    Reading: 66.7%
    Math: 86.7%
    Science: 50.0%
    English: 73.3%

    If you want to know subsection specific scores just ask. Thank you for your opinions and suggestions.
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  3. by   MagicStatic
    You need the book.
    Learning happens better when you are exposed to material in at least 3 ways: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. You can read the actual book, watch youtube videos at khanacedemy.com for material you don't get and make your own flash cards.
    All of these combined is just an example of scientifically proven ways to learn.
    Some people who have A's in all their prereqs and say that they naturally never have to work that hard to 'get' things are just popping up smoke. It takes practice, study and good old fashioned elbow grease with hard work and 'hitting the books' to get there.
    Just like people who want to lose weight looking for a mysterious new 'secret' to lose weight when they know that diet and exercise are the fundamental ways to get there but they just want a shortcut.