TEAS V Help with Science section!!!!

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    So I took the TEAS V a couple months ago and passed everything BUT the science by 1 point. I didn't study the way I should have. Does anyone have suggestions on how and what to study for this test?

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    On your results paper you got from ATI it should have at the very end a list of everything you missed and need to study further. I used that list to focus on my problem areas. I also found a friend who knew chemistry and had him tutor me for a day until I understood it!

    I went from getting a 54% the first time to an 83.33% on the second try! So huge improvement!

    Go to the library and pick up Biology for dummies, it basically goes over plant science and life science. That's all I needed for the TEAS V.

    Good luck!
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    Awesome! thank you!!
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