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I'm taking my exam in April so nervous. I've haven't been in school for 18 years. I ordered the Teas v study manual, and two of ATI test's on-line. I am very worried about the Science section. Does anyone know if the Science... Read More

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    Quote from pokemon
    There is no earth science. I just finished Teas V today and got an 89%. Anyways, here's some information that might help test takers:

    1. Reading Section
    -Start with the easy questions first (Informational Source Comprehension).
    -Passage Comprehension is not difficult either, but they take time if you actually read the stories. Bypass reading and just read questions for answers and skim if necessary. Also refer back to the passage for answers and not your memory.

    2. Math
    -Lots of Numbers and Operations. Just be careful when you add, minus, or times.
    -Only 4 Algebra Questions. Just Know hot to simplify expressions, inequalities, foil, and setting up word problems with algebra.
    -Measurements are easy as hell if you use proportions. Just line them up and go.
    -Data Measurement: Know the purpose behind graphs. What would you use a line, pie, or histogram for?

    3. Science
    -Know Kidney/filtration, Sympathetic vs Parasympathetic, Functions of Diaphragm, Tidal Volume, Digestion, Small Intestine, Cardiovascular, WBC/Immune system (basics), also know what organ has endocrine/exocrine functions.
    -Chemistry is basic. Know how you get atomic mass. What a proton, neutron, and electron is. What an isotope is. Real basic stuff like that. Also know valence electrons. Know charges. Also balancing equations and know whats being Oxidized/Redeuced in photosynthesis (all this is in the teas study manual). Also know the formulas for hydrocarbons and whats an alkane, alkene, and alkyne. Real basic not too intense. Know pH and characteristics of acids/bases. Litmus paper turns blue/red.

    -You don't have to know all those Kinetic and Potential energy formulas in the Teas V study manual. Just know what Kinetic and Potential energy is. I suggest browsing the internet of real life examples of Kinetic/potential energy. Example: is water behind a dam kinetic or potential energy. Teas test didn't ask for formulas just apply KE/PE to real life examples. Also know scientific reasoning. Mainly Scientific theory. Like why do we collect data for an hypothesis, or why should we repeat a hypothesis.
    -Life science is easy. Know the structure/function of organelles. Know what type of membrane surrounds the cell (phospholipid). Is the membrane rigid or fluid. Know mitosis not really every step but rather whats the product of mitosis is. You have to know every step in the interphase of mitosis. Also know what the product of meiosis is. Know what happens after meiosis 2. Know how DNA replicates itself and what are the players involved. Helicase, RNA primer, Dna polymearse what do they all do in DNA replication (this stuff can be found in teas v study manual). Know the srtuctural differences between DNA and RNA. Real basic stuff like RNA has one strand and DNA is double. Know the difference base pairs. Know how enzymes, proteins, and amino acids are related and why their important to cells. Know what a genotype/phenotype is. Know the order or natural selection/adaption. I only had one question about punnet square. Also know taxonmy (kingdom, phylum...etc).
    -I apologize if this is lengthy, but this should help people focus a little more on the science section.

    -know what a simple sentence is. know pronoun-antecedent. know subject verb agreements. identify misplaced modifiers in a sentence. Know how to punctuate with quotations and semi colons. Know how to reorganize sentences for clarity (in teas study manual). Spelling review the rules in the teas study manual. Contextual Clues are based on finding clues in sentence and not just knowing definition. Teas test will ask you questions based on sentence clues and not just pure definition

    Pokemon, Thank you so much for all the great feedback. Much appreciated. Very much.

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    Just thought I would post my thoughts on the TEAS V test that I just took less than an hour ago. Everyone always helps everyone out in here so here ya go...

    According to my test:

    Reading: Know primary sources, opinion, narrative, persuasive passage types, informing, main idea, themes, topic, summary sentences, logical conclusions, authors purpose, following instructions (page 25 TEAS manual), definitions in context, who offers the best product for the cheapest price problems, info from a telephone book, how to read a thermometer, following directions on a map

    I normally do not do well in this area but I made an 85.7 which I'm happy with!

    Math: order of operation, subtraction and addition, know how to multiply and divide fractions, changing from a decimal to percent (all that kind of stuff), the percent increase and decrease, estimations, reconciliation of checking or savings account (about 2-3 problems), calculating take home pay, cost for planning an event (Dinner for 32 guest at $15 per person, what is the total cost), only had one ratio problem, roman numerals, work rate problems (look this up !!!), I had measurement problems but they provided ALL the measurements I needed... didn't have to recall anything, only one problem with independent/dependent variable.

    Made a 93.9 on math... Extremely HAPPY about that!!!

    Science (the death of everyone): Know stuff about hypothesis, I only had 1-2 questions on the body descriptions, no anatomical terms, know what the surface area is for on the lungs, in the brain know what certain parts do... medulla oblongata- respiratory, vomiting etc. Study peristalsis, fertility rates and population growth/ decline, had only one problem on the classification system, adaptation, know a lot on the nucleic acids & stuff on the phosphate group, mitochondria, ribosomes, differences in prokaryotic & eukaryotic, mitosis and meiosis (g1, s, g2 phase), gametes, know photosynthesis and respiration formulas, coding for mRNA, phenotypes and genotypes, punnett squares, kinetic and potential energy & examples of them, atomic number, atomic mass, charges of protons, neutrons and electrons, catalysts, pH, a lot on covalent and ionic bonds, chemical properties of water, stuff on liquid/gas/solids, and evaporation.

    Like everyone says it's soooo broad that you could never study enough for this section! I have a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas A&M and I made a 62.5!! Best of luck to everyone on this part!

    English and Language: In a sentence know how to point out an adjective or adverb, definitely study subject-very agreements, first, second, and third person, grammar style and clarity, simple sentences, organized and logical paragraphs, sentence fluency... I feel like I had a lot of these, I had 2 questions on spelling, maybe 3-4 on capitalization, quite a bit on when to use semicolons, colons, and commas, a few questions on quotation marks and apostrophes.

    I hate english and I made a 66.7 not happy about that but it has always been a tuff subject for me haha. I am more of a math person. My advice for this would be... go back to 3rd grade? LoL

    If you have any specific questions feel free to PM me.
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    will some of the question from the online practice test end up on the actual teas?
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    I had about 3-4 exact questions with different numbers show up from the online practice test and a good majority of the study guide questions show up. Make sure you look up how to do the work rate problems... there was not a mention of that in the study guide.
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    you mean the study guide questions from the back of the ATI book?
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    The post by Pokemon is right on. About 95% of what that post says I saw on my test when I took my test earlier this month. I made a 90.7
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    Thanks to all for the info and tips. I am taking the test next week and am very nervous. It's been 20 years since I did any real math or general science.
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    I've been reviewing sample questions from testprepreview.com and wondering if anyone knows if any of those questions are similar or even the same as the ATI questions. I am taking the test next week and am so nervous and beginning to feel overwhelmed as there is so much to study in such a short span of time. I was originally planning to take the exam in December but was just told that I have to take it by next Wednesday!

    I appreciate all the great info I've found here and how helpful everyone is. Thanks to all!!!
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    Willowita-Hi with the time samething, happen ran out of time So probably woulf have had a Perfect score.In Math-93.3% Science-68.8 Reading-78.2 English-72%.So guys watch the time,but can you or anyone give me tips to boost my score up for READING &ENGLISH PLEASE. I only need a 76in reading 70 in,english 53 in science 75 in math.PLEASE HELP!!! email me:missprettyperfect23@gmail.com need only help tips for Reading&English.I plan to take my test 04/15/12 Thanks in,advance
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    Omg!! you are right on the dot. this is how the test is broke down. I'am taking it again

    hopefully this time is it.Thanks wish me luck!!

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