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I'm taking my exam in April so nervous. I've haven't been in school for 18 years. I ordered the Teas v study manual, and two of ATI test's on-line. I am very worried about the Science section. Does... Read More

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    I had about 3-4 exact questions with different numbers show up from the online practice test and a good majority of the study guide questions show up. Make sure you look up how to do the work rate problems... there was not a mention of that in the study guide.
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    you mean the study guide questions from the back of the ATI book?
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    The post by Pokemon is right on. About 95% of what that post says I saw on my test when I took my test earlier this month. I made a 90.7
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    Thanks to all for the info and tips. I am taking the test next week and am very nervous. It's been 20 years since I did any real math or general science.
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    I've been reviewing sample questions from testprepreview.com and wondering if anyone knows if any of those questions are similar or even the same as the ATI questions. I am taking the test next week and am so nervous and beginning to feel overwhelmed as there is so much to study in such a short span of time. I was originally planning to take the exam in December but was just told that I have to take it by next Wednesday!

    I appreciate all the great info I've found here and how helpful everyone is. Thanks to all!!!
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    Willowita-Hi with the time samething, happen ran out of time So probably woulf have had a Perfect score.In Math-93.3% Science-68.8 Reading-78.2 English-72%.So guys watch the time,but can you or anyone give me tips to boost my score up for READING &ENGLISH PLEASE. I only need a 76in reading 70 in,english 53 in science 75 in math.PLEASE HELP!!! email me:missprettyperfect23@gmail.com need only help tips for Reading&English.I plan to take my test 04/15/12 Thanks in,advance
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    Omg!! you are right on the dot. this is how the test is broke down. I'am taking it again

    hopefully this time is it.Thanks wish me luck!!
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    Please is there any book I can start study for my exam?I am RN from europe,but here they give me evaluation only for Assistant.Do I have to pass exam?France or english?
    Thank you for your
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    Moved to TEAS Exam Help.
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    I am getting ready to take the teas test on Wed. next week and found that for the math section Exponents: Scientific Notation was the most helpful and for the science,TEAS V 5 flashcards | Quizlet was the most helpful. I have been studying for two months as I have been out of school for 20yrs and it feels kind of like being on an episode of "Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader", answer... Not so much! I hope this helps me and all of you! Good luck!
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    i need the TEAS V study manual....i cant get one
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    I had gotten mine on the ATI website!
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    Some public librarys have the official ATI handbook to borrow and up to date study manuals. Use all your options and you will do fine.

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