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Hello everyone, The TEAS sticky is great for general TEAS questions, but I wanted to start a more specific TEAS thread for TEAS V. For anyone who has taken both 4.0 and V, was there a big difference? If so what are the... Read More

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    I have only taken V, but was told by ATI that the exams cover the same content, just a different layout. Also, I have gone through both study books & the only difference there was the organization of material. Same stuff, just laid out better in the V study book. The practice tests helped but I think the best thing to do (if you have several shots at the test) is to just take it, see exactly what you did well on & which areas gave you the most trouble, then hammer out those trouble sections. I spent 5 months studying for it & could've gone without studying for everything except physical science. I'd just do a general review, take it & then improve upon your weakest areas. Good luck!

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    The periodic table is provided for you. Don't waste time on that. All formulas and conversions are also given.
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    I took the TEAS V yesterday, but used the study guide for the TEAS 4. I got a 95% in Reading, 93% in Math, 79% in Science, and a 96% in Grammar; total score of 90%. I didn't take any online practice tests, but went through the study guide. It wasn't too difficult, really. I have taken science prerequisite courses recently, though, so that info was fairly fresh. Good luck everyone!
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    Hi guys, I just took my Teas V exam last week, and didn't score that well. My adjusted individual score was 68 % and it places me as proficient. What are the chances of me getting in BHSN now ... :-(
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    What specific schools did you take this exam for? Did they let you know what percentages they were looking for in terms of admission to their program?
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    I guess it depends on how many people they are looking to accept. I think they take 30 for the day and 30 for the night. I know they look at the teas as the primary factor for getting in. So it depends on if 60 or so people did better than you. I know the average for the test is around that. But if people scored higher not sure if that is good enough. I really don't know though. What were your individual scores? The concentrate on the Reading the most I think. Hope this helps.
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    Where is BHSN??????? I thought it said BHCC
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    Bhsn is Bridgeport hospital school of nursing my results are this..i know it isn't that good :-(

    Adjusted Individual Total Score: 68.7%
    ATI Academic Preparedness Level: Proficient
    Mean - National: 63.3%
    Mean - Program: 64.7%
    Percentile Rank - 65
    National: Percentile Rank - 63

    And it was the TEAS V
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    I am sorry I don't know what their cut off is. So you might want to ask around and see what others scores were that got accepted before you
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    Yeah I've was reading the forums here, a lot of people got accepted at like 80%+ So i think, I should stop stressin about it and start studying for the exam the 2nd time around.
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