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I took the TEAS test today and got a 68 overall. I've been studying for the test for a while now and feel kind of down about my score. The school I'm applying to for nursing has averages around 72.... Read More

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    Quote from jennys77
    This is kinda what I don't get. The TEAS makes or breaks your application, and it costs time and money to take the test. Yet so many people are not buying the $44 book (assuming it can't be found used for cheaper)? Having a lower than average score, then not getting in to school, then having a semester or year set back because you have to retake the teas, then buying the manual because it is essential, studying all over again and paying to take the test again. I gave my book away to help out a person who couldn't afford it. Would love to see a TEAS book exchange on this site. Again, the book is only $44. Such a small investment when the TEAS exam is straight from the book. Version V - ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS V) Study Manual my advice would be to retake it. My school will not let anyone in with lower than 74. I got an 86. National average is around 84.
    I was actually thinking about advertising my book on here after I'm finished with the exam and find out I get in, and therefore will be free of the book. I was just going to send it off to anyone that PMed me first for free. No use keeping it or throwing it out.

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    I can say that I certainly benefited from shelling out the $90 or so on the ATI test book and online practice tests. Nursing school is an expensive investment anyway...If you can't afford the ATI package, try amazon for the study book. The reason you need it is there is a method to the madness...and you can figure it out by going through this book over a 4-6 week time period. My first practice test I got an 83%, and on the actual test I got a 94%. I scored a 63% in the math section on my first practice exam, and a 100% in math on the actual test. I agree with Jennys77. If your school is asking you to take this test...THEY CARE ABOUT WHAT YOU GET. Why not start now and do the best you can do?

    There should definitely be more people exchanging study guides for small $$$. I gave mine to someone already, but never hurts to just make a post and ask!
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    Does anyone know if the ( HOBET V) is the same as the ATI study guide and will this help with my TEAS? I'm asking so many questions because I really want to make the right decision.

    Any suggestions please!

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