TEAS Math help!!!

  1. I just recently took the TEAS V and FAILED the Math part!!! I studied McGraw Hill's study guide as a refresher, but I guess that was not enough! What other books should I read up on? Any other tips you can can give so that I can review properly and get rid of my Math testing anxiety? Thanks for all replies!
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  3. by   StevenAkaProek
    You should narrow down your difficulties and go on youtube to watch how to solve those problems. That always works for me I watch a couple videos by different user's to get a better understanding and different methods of solving problems.

    Also, Khan Academy has a great Math exercise section that allows you to work on just about anything under algebra, pre-algebra, basic math etc


    If you're stuck on a problem it will suggest a tutorial video for that particular section.
  4. by   Tflowers34907
    I used a book called Pre-Algebra De-Mystified (it builds your math skills from the ground up and also has a geometry section) in conjunction with the videos from Khan Academy. I studied for my TEAS for roughly 10 days and ended up scoring an 86.7% on the math part. I haven't taken a math class for about 6 years. Good luck to you!
  5. by   givemeu1
    I got my TEAS results today and I bombed on the math and science portion but scored high enough in Reading and English to put my Individual Total Score high enough for the program. Our college only goes by the Reading, Math, and Individual Total Score to get accepted. If the math portion is low, they require a Math 1102 (basic math) course that needs to be completed during the summer before Nursing School starts. It's disheartening to me because I "thought" I had it and now have to retake the test to better my chances of getting in or cross my fingers that my ITS is high enough to get in and end up taking the Math 1102 during the summer before Nursing School starts. I used McGraw-Hill TEAS V study guide and the questions on the practice test are a piece of cake compared to the actual test. On the practice exams I scored well over 80% in math and only 60% on the real test. I will stick with ATI and Kaplain's this time around and enroll in a remedial math course to better my chances for the TEAS in March. Good Luck to you.
  6. by   Austincb
    It will cost you another $40 but I recommend taking the practice test online and ATI testing It will give you specifics for each category and what you need to study so you'll know exactly where your deficiencies are in math.
  7. by   LPNwannabe123
    TEAS is absolutely, ridiculously difficult
  8. by   LPNwannabe123
    I could use a little help with Dimensional Analysis! Yikes! It's new to me...if anyone has any practice problems, I sure would appreciate it
  9. by   boragirl02

    Well since I did not pass the TEAS, I decided to finish all my prereq classes the past 3 semesters and slowly read the ATI book. After almost a year, I took the TEAS again and got a score just enough for me to make it to my school's RN program!!! Although I got all A's in my Science prerequisites, I did not too well in the actual Science portion of the test! A lot of the questions were very difficult and "tricky"! Here's the best part....the section that I did the best on was MATH this time! lol! Thanks for all the words of hope and advise! I now know the power of prayer and determination. I have always wanted to be a nurse and now, I am proud to say that I am one step closer to becoming one!
  10. by   dedrid
    Do the TEAS math review also I watched videos on the Math section over and over to get the concepts right. There are alot of demonstration videos on the TEAS MATH out there.