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  1. 0 Hey! Can you guys tell me how much amount you spent studying for the teas v and what was your score? and what materials did you mostly use? thanks
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    The first time I took the test I gave myself a month to study. I studied the Kaplan Nursing School Entrance Exam book and also some various practice books I found at the library. I scored a 64.5%.

    I was not too happy with that score.

    Gave myself another month to study, but this time I got the ATI study guide from the website, and used that book religiously. I also used the books I found at the library. I had an advantage too that my TEAS V score I took before gave me a list of things I did not score well on. I also found a friend who know Chemistry and helped me understand it better.

    Second time I scored an 80.7%.

    So I was happy with that score and hopefully it is good enough to get into program.

    Also, another piece of advice, use all your time allowed for each section. The first time I rushed through my test, I was done in about 1.5 hours. The second time I used all my time, I think it was helpful.

    Good luck!

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