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So I am a pre-nursing student. I'm starting my first semester, just trying to knock out my pre-requisties. But I am wondering when is a good time to take the Teas? Also, how many times have you guys taken it if you didn't get the... Read More

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    I waited until I was almost ready to start applying, i had finished A&P 1/2 and was halfway through micro when I took it, I scored 86.7 the first time and In my area that was good enough to get in, so I didn't re-take it. But I had about 6 weeks to study and re-take if I needed before my applications were due.

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    I would start by checking with your school to see what their windows are for tests. Some schools will only take scores within a certain time frame of application date. I just took the TEAS this week. I have taken all sciences except Micro. I used the McGraw Hill study tests and the ATI study guide and online practice tests. I did pretty bad on the ATI online practice tests (75, 72) and studied for about 3 weeks. Using the study materials showed what micro info I needed since I hadn't taken it yet. I scored a 93.3 on my first try for the actual TEAS exam which is in the 99th percentile nationally so I recommend using what ever study materials you can get your hands on. Also the online ATI practice test get you used to the format of the computerized tests so there is no surprise come test day.
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    I didn't do so well on the ATI online practice assessments that came with the study manual (I got scores in the mid- to high-70's when the program I was looking to get into has a min score of 71).

    I studied for about 3 weeks after my last semester of pre-nursing courses and got a 88.7 on my first and only try. Be sure to check with the programs you're looking at because they're constantly changing their requirements for the TEAS. For example, you're only allowed to take it once or 3 times and that's it. Also, some CC's will offer the TEAS once a month like mine does but it only costs $35 while universities will offer it 2-3 times a day for 5-6 days a week and it costs $60.

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