Passed the TEAS 6 with a 92 - page 2

This forum helped me so much during times of stress, and I just wanted to give back by sharing my experience. Here is my score breakdown: Overall: 92.0% Reading: 91.5% Math: 93.8% Science:... Read More

  1. by   usateacher
    Well done! How did you feel at different points during the test? Before, at the beginning, and along the way? Did fatigue or question burn-out sink in, and how did you revive yourself to stay and finish strong?
  2. by   Goldenmoose
    For those still preparing for the TEAS, I would highly suggest purchasing the practice exams from ATI. I felt they did a great job not only testing my knowledge of the material, but also prepared me for the act of taking the test. The questions are broken down into the major sections and give you an idea of how questions may be asked. You are also allowed to take each of the 2 practice exams twice. I found these practice exams to be the most helpful in preparing myself for the TEAS. Good luck!!

Passed the TEAS 6 with a 92