Need some feedback on the ati study guide, please!

  1. Hi all,
    I'm taking the TEAS V for the 1st time next week Monday and I'm pretty nervous. I have been studying from the ATI study guide, Mcgraw Hill, and the online practice tests for ATI. I messed up on the Science section when I did the online ATI practice tests so I have been reviewing that in hopes of improving that part of the test.

    Is the real test harder than these practice guides??
    Also on the test, Is there a timer that shows how much you have left for each section?? What happens when the timer runs out? Does the section just close on its own??

    Thanks in Advance to all of you :heartbeat
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  3. by   Marmite75
    The practice tests will prepare you well for the actual TEAS test, they are similar. There is a timer, at the top of the page, to help you keep track of time.

    You sound as if you have prepared yourself well for the TEAS, I wish you luck!
  4. by   court2956
    I found the actual TEAS to be much easier than the online practice tests, and about the same difficulty as the tests in the back of the Study guide. I took the paper-pencil exam and they put the time we would be stopped on the board in the front and gave us a 5 minute warning. I took it my first time and then studied more and took it again about a month later and it was the same EXACT test, if I had known that I would have tried to remember the questions I didn't know. After you take the test your results will show EXACTLY which sub-areas you need to study, if I had known that it was going to be the same test I would have specifically studied those sections but I did more of a broad overview before taking it again. I would take it once get your results and study the areas they tell you more and take it again as soon as possible to try and get the same test. However, I'm not sure how often they change them up. Good luck! p.s.. I also found the science sections on the online practice tests to be extremely difficult, and I received a 90% on the actual test in that section.