Need positive & encouraging vibes! Taking TEAS V in ONE WEEK!

  1. Hello All!

    Let me first start off by saying that I'm super excited to be apart of this site. This site has helped me with prepping for the TEAS V...... which I'll be taking in one week. I can't even begin to describe how I feel: nervous, anxious, excited, discouraged, dissatisfied, etc.

    I took the TEAS V back in October and didn't pass. I was devastated because I felt thoroughly prepared and ready, but to my demise, that obviously wasn't the case. I'm a student with a gpa that's higher than a 3.5, with a science gpa of 3.8 so you could have imagined the surprise. Since then, I felt like I dealth with it until the first day of school, which was 2 days ago. I pull into the parking lot of my school to see former classmates who I am acquaintances with in their cute, little uniforms. I can easily say that I was jealous, sad and embarrassed. I know I shouldn't be, but I was and still am.

    Anyway, I did amazing on the English/Grammar portion and am focusing on the math and science portion. The school I'm applying to ONLY takes the english, grammar and math score so I've been focused on tose more than science.

    Since I did fail the first time, I feel super discouraged and could use some good feedback regarding sections I should reeeaalllly study, or maybe just a sweet comment. I'm getting off my soap box now! Haha
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  3. by   KristinaT
    You'll do well--you said you have a great GPA and you know the information, it's not new to you. Plus you already took the test once so you know what to expect and you know how everything is set up. I felt that the study manual gave me all of the pertinent information for the reading, grammar, and math secrtions (I thought the science could have gone more in depth, but you said you don't need the science part). Do you find that you don't take tests well or do you think this was just a fluke and maybe you didn't put in the study time that you should have? Either way, just make sure to read each question thoroughly and really understand what the question is asking. Eat a good meal before hand and just relax--you'll do great.